Celiac Disease: New Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management

Back in 2009, when I first began noticing various health problems and started to visit my physician regularly, we were at a loss as to the root of these issues. In February 2010 I was finally diagnosed with Lichen Planus (LP) and LPP the scalp version of LP.

Trying to find the reason for developing these autoimmune conditions and reading somewhere about Celiac, I asked my physician to test me, she refused. According to her I showed no signs of Celiac. After a month I was back for yet another set of tests and at that point she gave in and tested me for Celiac.

My blood test confirmed that I have Celiac, but later endoscopy showed no signed of it at all. I was on a gluten-free diet for almost a year by the time I had endoscopy.

Going gluten-free was the easiest change I have ever made to my diet and I can confidently say that, after being gluten, sugar, yeast and dairy free for four years now. At this time I avoid all grains.

I have just received this information on New Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Celiac Disease and I thought that it may be very helpful for you and for your doctors.

The highlights of the document:

  • Celiac Disease: New Guidelines
  • Diagnostic Testing for Celiac Disease
  • Confirmatory Testing for Celiac Disease
  • Management of Celiac Disease
  • Top 10 Take-Home Messages for Celiac Disease

I know if I had this info back in 2009, I would be tested sooner!

This Celiac Guidelines guide is easy to print and bring with you to your doctor.


To your health,







  1. Hi Elena. Thanks for the valuable PDF on celiac. Going to read it fully tomorrow. Interesting what happened to you after testing. I think we may have a serious problem going on with the new winter red wheat variety that became the norm in the late 90’s. It was mainly done to increase profits and production quantities. Appreciate the article.


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