Swiss chard for breakfast?!

This morning I woke up with a light headache, it is gloomy outside and chilly in the house, and I did not feel like having my green juice first thing in the morning.

I was looking at all the kale and swiss chard my husband bought for juicing, trying to figure out what to do with them while they are fresh. Soup? As I stood there deciding, I felt like I wanted to have some now and not in a soup later. So I  melted some coconut oil in a pan, added some chopped garlic and a minute later my chard’s stems. I sautéed the stems for about 5 minutes, added leaves and cooked another 5 minutes. Salted.


As soon as it was ready I ran to my almost 5 year old daughter’s room to have her taste it. She has never tried sautéed chard and especially just like that, with nothing on the side.

She looked at it, asked me what it was and without hesitation took it. I was rewarded indeed 🙂 Truly an amazing feeling when you give a child to try some sautéed chard greens and the first word out of her mouth is ” yumm!!! ”


I love being able to introduce my kids to these amazing healthy foods and not to McDonald’s. Sasha had actually never been there. Thankfully!

So we had that chard for breakfast with a small organic chicken sausage which we shared. We finished that whole pan of chard!

Interestingly my headache went away on it’s own as well as slight feeling of been under the weather. That chard for breakfast was just what the doctor ordered! I am so glad I listened to my gut and had this unusual breakfast 🙂


It is not easy to have my kids eat so healthy. But than no one ever became a parent because they thought it will be easy 🙂 And I think instilling healthy eating habits into our kids is just as important if not more so, than teaching them good manners and giving them good education.

Eating healthy makes them healthy for life, makes them aware and respectful of their bodies. A truly healthy eater will grow up strong, fit, healthy mentally and physically, someone who has not been overly medicated as a child and has a strong immune system which will defend them and support a fast recovery when and if needed.

My kids eat coconut ice-cream, and can not taste a difference between that and Rancatore’s Ice Cream, one of the best ice cream places in Boston area. On occasion we get gluten-free pizza – and again, they are happy and it is in fact delicious! When they go over to friends’ houses, my oldest daughter who is almost 15, can make her own decisions “to eat” or “not to eat”. In any case when at their friend’s house hey can eat whatever they want, but the older they get, they notice not feeling so great after sugary, processed foods. And I notice them more and more choosing better, they educate their friends and never actually feel left out.

It is so strange, but most of the time I feel like I have this incredible gift of knowledge – like a secret that I want to share, but most people look at me like I are a bit “off”  🙂 Like I want to share this simple truth for these kids to get healthy, stay healthy and not be one in three American children who will develop diabetes! But I guess all I can do is help my own family and friends, and those who are ready to listen.

To your health,


  1. I like to sauté it with shallots. I have a recipe for crepes stuffed with Swiss chard, walnuts and cream cheese….not the healthiest, but so good! I also have a recipe for Swiss chard bisque.


  2. Well said. My boyfriend’s kids and nieces and nephew are intrigued by what I cook, but his mother is not. She is quite defensive about her eating habits and what she serves in her home (mostly processed). But the kids… They love asking about the foods they are eating, what’s in it, why it is or is not healthy and good for them, and why the stuff I make is so yummy! Their curiosity is amazing and hopefully rewards them with better choices as they become young adults and begin cooking for themselves. Cheers!

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  3. Wonderful! It is great when you see kids eating healthy food and being able to make healthy food choices.
    My girls are learning this… there is very little that they won’t eat (one hates mushrooms, that is it!). They love veggies, they love healthy food.
    It is great to see another family where the kids are learning healthy food choices and love their food.


  4. My son is famous for all the veggies he eats – plain. Totally get you. Today’s kids are “picky” and will refuse veggies because in the area of food as in anything else, we habituate and allow such behavior. Xxxxx Diana


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