The Perfect Human Diet – the movie

Someone has mentioned this movie and I just watched it – very interesting! I believe that no matter what beliefs we have as far as our individual diet – we have to stay open-minded and educate ourselves.

I remember growing up in Russia how we always ate organ meats, bone marrow, but here in the States it is not a normal practice, so I am bringing it back! My family will definitely add more animal meat varieties to our diet. We have already cut down grains dramatically to an occasional oatmeal or a millet toast, now I will limit it completely and will take a look at reintroducing some nuts and cutting out potatoes….as far as the rest of my diet – it is already veggies, fruit and meat/fish/poultry.

Watch the movie and I would love to know what you think!


Go to  The Perfect Human Diet website for more information about the movie.

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