Unreal! Really! Love this amazing natural perfume!


I have just received this long-awaited order from Living Libations!

I am just doing this quick post via my phone, I never do that! That is how happy, uplifted, vibrant  and sensual Night Flight to Venus made me feel. I had to share! Image is not great, taken with my phone.

It actually made me realize how limited my English vocabulary is – I am not able to express my feelings about this magical aroma – I am speechless (rarely happens ;). However, I am not worried, if you go to the link above, Nadine does an incredible job describing her creation 🙂

Some of it spilled during shipping and so all I did was to wipe perfume off of  the packaging bag and onto my skin. Can not even imaging the effect of spraying it on my body!

I like musky perfumes and was hesitant trying a floral scent, but this is such a deep, and sensual aroma! I am in love! Can not wait for my husband to get home and experience it! And the best part – it is a natural fragrance. I hope it will last too… will keep you updated.

To your health,


    • Yes! I have been looking for a natural perfume and love this one, my only thing is that I want to make sure it will stay on and last for more than 2 hours…


    • Well, by the time I saw him tonight about 4 hours have passed and the perfume did not last that long. I felt like it lasted for about 2-3 hours 😦 Do you think that is about average? or not long enough?
      But he does like it, just need to have it on, for him to see if he likes it on me ;).


    • I know…smells wonderful. Pricey though, so I will have to see how long it lasts as I spray it on my body….I would love to bring it everywhere and reapply, but at $87 for 50ml – I am trying to make it last 🙂


  1. Recently ordered 4 fragrances from living libations among other products. I love natural fragrances and don’t mind spending if something is amazing. This is not. It smells like rice that was left in a rice cooker that starting fermenting (when I first sprayed it). Immediately it gave me a headache. After it layed on my skin for 3 minutes it softened and the flower notes came out. I thought, ok maybe it’s ok. Not ok, headache intensified. Smells like flowers that are masked with something gone wrong. Funny thing is, I sprayed it in the air and it smelled rancid. On the skin once it soaks in it’s ok but something is just not right. I will give it away. Hate to waste. Will review the others when I get over this. Afraid to smell the others. I really wanted to like this, it sounds captivating but smells more like something in captivity. Maybe it’s rancid?


    • Oh Sienna, this is terrible! I am also very sorry for such a late response, I was taking time off with my family, and the rule is – no internet 🙂
      Have you contacted Living Libations? In the summer heat perhaps it may have gone rancid, however even keeping it in my bathroom, I have never had that issue. Please let me know what happened with this. How were the other bottles?!


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