A moment of personal expression : ) another one….

A really nice comment was left on one of my articles earlier today:

Hi Elena, it’s great that changing your diet worked for you. However, talking to doctors it seems like only 5-10% have any changes in LPP outcomes after changing diet, so others should be aware of that. It appears you are one of the lucky ones. Changing one’s diet may be worth trying for those just diagnosed, though.

It blew my mind as I realized that that is how most people think! We are so in denial, we listen to our Doctors as if they are an ultimate authority in healing – and in my experience they are an ultimate authority in fighting disease the best they know how, with powerful drugs! They are not really able to prevent, heal and keep you healthy, they react to an issue, and are hardly able to be proactive. Yes, they do prescribe various tests at certain stages of one’s life, like a mammogram, a colonoscopy, some blood work, etc., and yet those are diagnostic and not preventative in my opinion.

I would say that most doctors do in fact see the absence of diagnosed disease as being healthy! They do not heal, cure or identify the underlying issue, they treat symptoms and when asked what caused the symptom the answers are very general and inconclusive. For milder symptoms they will not even dig deeper or try to understand and simply brush it off, “watch it” for further developments.

This has been my personal experience as well as one of my family and my friends… I always stress that I do have a deep respect for medical profession, I personally was lucky to finally find a doctor who is open minded, interested in causes and in treating the whole person and not just a symptom. My family and I go to all our yearly checkups, do all the required tests our doctors find necessary, but I also now know that when I need an advise on nutrition, alternative medicine, complimentary treatments, I need to go elsewhere! When doctors prescribe an antibiotic – I always question it and only take it when absolutely necessary! If I have a boil on my ass – I am not gonna go on a two week course of antibiotic! My mom, who lives in Russia could not stop laughing when I told her that we take antibiotics to cure pimples. But when I first developed LP rash, a very little spot, the first thing my doctor did was to put me on a course of antibiotics and then when they did not help, she put me on a stronger one! Naturally it they did nothing but mess up my system even more. That was back when I did not have an understanding to question doctors, in an interest of preserving my own health.

In my experience conventional doctors have no knowledge, education or even willingness to be open minded about effects a diet may have one one’s health! They have no time, resources and support even if they are interested!

One would think that any of my numerous doctors may take interest in the fact that I am in remission! And yet none of them has! The fact that I have stopped all the meds for their ineffectiveness and side effects, and all I did was a diet and a lifestyle change did not interest them at all – they did not want to hear that, just dismissed it.

So going back to the comment, only thing where I am lucky is, is the fact that I got diagnosed with LP/LPP/Celiac in the first place! As a result I was open, willing to make changes and to work hard to get healthy and stay healthy, it has nothing to do with luck! It is hard work to stay heathy in our society penetrated by prescription drugs, junk food, processed/convenience/pre-cooked/pre-packaged foods, overwhelm of sugar, dairy, corn, soy, hormones, antibiotics in our foods, genetically modified foods…what did I miss?!

Today I look at my family, my kids, and they are different people now, we all are. My oldest daughter had some serious health issues, and we got no support, not interest from doctors. She had major digestion problems, which for years, month after months were dismissed as  “stomach virus” – every time! All we did is change her eating – no more stomach problems, no more severe allergies, no more weight problems, no more swollen lymph nodes, no more eczema, no more problems with her joints…

We are healthy, strong, in a better shape (physically and mentally) than ever before. I am grateful to have been put on this path of healing, of educating myself, and now sharing my experience with others.

And again returning to the comment, changing one’s diet is worth for everyone! People eat terrible dead foods daily, year after year – sugars, processed carbs (white bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes), packaged food, pre-made foods, GMO, processed meats full of antibiotics, hormones and God knows what else, drink anything but water. What they do not eat are fresh fruit, fresh vegetable/vegetables at every meal, soups, salads, good quality meats, eggs, poultry, drink water, herbal tea…

How can anyone expect to stay healthy and especially to heal when all they feed their body is inflammatory, acidic junk! When all they do all day is hate, judge, compare and bitch about how unfair the life is! When they abuse their precious bodies with crazy fanatic-like, push, yell and curse type of exercises, or on the other spectrum do nothing but lay on the couch and watch TV, with no movement in their lives at all.

We all need to chill! To take it down a notch. Skip the gym/get off the couch and go for a walk in the park, along, listen to the sounds of nature, not your iPod – your body, your mind and your spirit with thank you! You don’t have to take up meditation or yoga (although it would not hurt ;), just slow down and realize what a Blessing it is to be alive! “God does not make mistakes” – I heard Byron Katie say that ones and it stuck with me!

I trust in the Universe (we all have different names for the God, the Source), I try not to argue with reality too much (that’s a hard one 😉 and just catch myself here, in the moment as much as possible, seeing and being grateful. Can I stay like that all the time? – no, but the more I try the more I do 🙂

God does not make mistakes!

To your health,



  1. Great post! I could not agree more with every word in it. As you say, check in with your body, mind, and spirit, what a revelation it will be.


  2. Thank you, Elena, for a very informative blog. I am in my mid-80s and in very good health and active in writing and pottery. I attribute my good health to my diet. I also want to thank you for visiting my site: papermudandme.wordpress.com and taking the time to let me know you liked my post, “River Congo – Excerpt 13.” – Thanks and Aloha – pjs.


    • Paul thank you for a nice comment! I agree, to keep one’s mind sharp, body agile and spirit happy – all you need is eat well, rest, move and be good to people 🙂


  3. Thanks for checking out my blog, it seems like we have a similar philosophy on healing!

    I have several auto-immune diseases as well and it’s amazing how hopeless most doctors even are towards my care. I am determined to heal my body with all of the sweet goods that nature gave us. I can’t avoid all surgery but I have managed to greatly improve my daily life with a positive attitude, meditation, movement and clean eating!

    Keep doing what you do!


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