Dr. Wahls. How She Went From Wheelchair To Bicycle and beat progressive MS.


I’ve heard a lecture by this doctor while attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and she made a huge impact on me. The video below is how I was introduced to Dr Terry Wahls’ story and why I became a fan. I am a huge proponent of Functional Medicine as well as modified Paleo. My personal version of Paleo if by far the healthiest way of eating I have ever followed, it is of course different for everyone, in my case I avoid nuts and add huge amounts of greens/vegetables to my meals. That s why I am so interested in details of Dr. Wahls’ protocol.

Dr. Wahls Explains How She Went From Wheelchair To Bicycle and how she beat progressive MS using Paleo diet principles and functional medicine.

Dr. Wahls has a wonderful informative FB page, as well as a great website terrywahls.com, and an upcoming book release that I am anxiously waiting for to read a review here, as form what I have learned from Dr. Wahls already, the book should be a life-changing read!

MS is an autoimmune disease and anyone who wants to strengthen their immunity can benefit from Dr. Wahls’ teachings!

NOTE RE: vegan/vegetarians from Dr. Wahls’ FB page:

I did create a plan for those who choose to remain vegan / vegetarian and I talk about how to reduce the risk of nutrient insufficiency if one chooses to remain vegan/ vegetarian and why eating meat / organ meat is so beneficial from my perspective in The Wahls Protcol. But I give people the information and allow them to choose the plan that will fit their needs and goals.

I think this is critical for people to know and not to dismiss this amazing information based on word “Paleo”.


To your health!




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