Reversing brain damage

I have a lot of respect for Dr Amen and his work at Amen Clinics. Methods they use and areas where they apply them are amazing.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.09.50 PM

image from Dr Amen’s video

Using  Brain SPECT imaging (Single-photon emission computed tomography) they can address and treat conditions like:

add / adhd
anxiety / depression
age better
autism spectrum disorders
behavioral problems
brain injury
brain toxicity
chemo brain
chronic pain
chronic fatigue
hormone imbalance
insomnia / sleep disorders
marital conflict
memory issues
weight / nutrition issues
post-traumatic stress disorder

In the video below Dr Amen talks about the single most important lesson he’s learned in his years working with SPECT, and why psychiatry must stop “throwing darts in the dark,” start looking at the organ being treated, and tailor treatment plans to individual brains and not to symptom clusters.

“Thinking, diagnosing, and treating brain systems rather than just symptoms in addition to focusing on acute symptoms that may need urgent treatment, allows for greater focus on perspective and lifestyle changes that can serve as a new foundation for long term healing and wellness.” from Amen Clinic website

In the video he addresses things very important to my research, like athletes’ and children’s’ mental health, and only to think that damaged brain can in fact be made better, where damage can be reversed and brain function improved.

Please see the video, visit Dr. Aman’s website and take care of your brain 🙂

To your health,




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