I’ve been busy…..and loving it.

I had time to post a little update.

I have been very busy, and no time to write, read – yes, write – not so much. Life happened, holidays, moving, little trips here and there, some for work, some for pleasure, kids’ activities, new projects – these are not excuses! I am busy with my life, the life I love, and I am loving it 🙂

One of the things I have gotten very into, and involved with, is The Desire Map book by Danielle LaPorte. You can get more info here, and as time allows I will start writing about it more. There is a book, work with the concept, as well as book clubs. I know it may sound confusing, but I am just throwing it out there for now. So I am leading a virtual book club based on the concept, and supported by Danielle and her team. There hundreds of these Desire Map book clubs around the world, some in person, some virtual.

So there is a lot of stuff happening 🙂




I love this work and will share more, as much as I can!

To your health,




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