Pain and suffering, quote, inspiration.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” is one of my favorite quotes. Physical or emotional pain – you can choose how you deal with that pain. To suffer or not to suffer that is the question 🙂

I see it on daily basis, family of athletes, my husband and my oldest daughter are in a lot of physical pain on regular basis, be it from an injury or from a grueling workout. Pain cay be so unbearable, like after my daughter’s surgery, that she was literally in front of my eyes changing and making this unconscious decisions to suffer or not to suffer with it. Yes the physical pain was still there, but mental pain and suffering did not have to be a part of it.


Emotional pain was when I was watching my child in so much physical pain and could not make it better. I made a choice, to be with her, to be there for her, but not in my misery and my suffering, not in complaining and worrying, but in peace, in clarity, in support she needed from me. Being present, with her, available and ready, alert and caring, I was not letting her pain to become my suffering, to cloud my judgment, to make her feel guilty for making me so sad. I was strong and at peace, I could not take away her pain, I did the only thing I could do – I was there 100% for her in my peace, making her feel safe and understood, not adding to her suffering but elevating it even if a little. We were in the hospital, doctors were there to help her, my job was to watch over her, be there for her and love her! My job was to help them help her.




I am so grateful to be where I am. To find this Peace in such unlikely places and at such unlikely moments. What a gift! What a Blessing!

To your health,



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