Enlightenment is in the now – Eckhart Tolle

“Spiritual seekers look for self-realization or enlightenment in the future. To be a seeker implies that you need the future. If this is what you believe, it becomes true for you: you will need time until you realize that you don’t need time to be who you are.”

Eckhart Tolle


To your health,





  1. I’m a first believer in living in the now. If you don’t, you miss life. I just don’t agree with “if this is what you believe, then it becomes true for you.” How can ‘truth’ be subjective?


    • Hi Staci,
      Thank you for the comment! This is how I see it. What I believe IS my truth and my reality. My beliefs are my truth and they form my world.
      I wake up in the morning and it is raining. I love rain, this is my belief, in my world the rain is cozy, calming, cleansing, peaceful and renewing, it is cuddle up by the fireplace and read time, or spend time playing board games with my family. I love it! So me waking up to the rain makes me happy, my day is great. That is because my beliefs about the rain are my truth, my reality. If I was asked “what is rain?”, that is what I would answer.
      For another person rain may mean something entirely different and opposite. That is their belief, their truth about the rain, and so what is true for them is therefore their reality. Depression, loneliness, sadness, darkness….that is what I often hear from people. They believe that, and I believe something different about the same thing. The rain is the rain – but what we as individuals see as the truth about the rain varies.
      That is why often we see people in the same situations behaving completely differently. One will enjoy traffic and chill, listen to favorite CD, chat with a friend, while the other will be angry, pissed off at the other drivers and be plain miserable 🙂
      THE TRUTH – is the one and only, but who believes in it and what exactly they believe in – makes all the difference in their world!
      I hope this makes sense…


      • LOL and how about this one?!

        “Who would you be if you didn’t believe this lie?”
        ~ Byron Katie quote from Loving What Is

        So perhaps it is not our individual truths that shape our reality, but our individual lies? too deep for Saturday morning 🙂

        Is my “positive” outlook at life better than someone’s “negative” outlook at life? I think not. It is not about good or bad, it is about peace.

        That is the state I want to be in more, I AM in more 🙂 It is raining – I am at peace, I am okay with it, it is sunny – I am okay with it, at peace. Joy is wonderful, but we can not experience joy in every moment, there no place for joy in some thing, but there is always place for Peace.


      • Thank you for clarifying that for me. I hear what you’re saying. I guess what you’re saying is that it is the truth that you like rain right. Or it is the truth that somebody else doesn’t like rain. But on the objective truth front, if it is raining than it is true that it is raining. I can’t say to someone who is standing under the rain with me that it is sunny. That would be a lie right? Anyhow, I guess we all have personal preferences (you like the rain, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t). But I don’t think that I can ‘create’ truth. I believe that it can be true that my personal preference is ‘such and such’, but that it’s not the personal preference for others. But what I don’t believe is this: It is raining outside, but I like the sun, so I choose the sun, so for me it’s sunny. Do you understand what I’m getting at?
        peace and light =)


  2. Wonderful discussion about truth and subjectivity!

    Truth – capital “T” is about what is; it is raining, it is not raining. What is entirely subjective is our thoughts which are fantasies and projections.

    I can fantasize that I love the rain and allow that thought to bring enjoyment, or that I hate the rain and allow that thought to cause me suffering, and I am also completely free to choose or to ignore those thoughts completely and just notice that it is raining. Here and now. Then I can become really interested in the rain, the way in which it illustrates the absolute non-dual nature of reality; the “Truth” that all things are interconnected and all beings are one (some of the water we will drink and it will become us, it will leave our bodies and become rain, it will become part of the food we eat and thus I will become you and you will become me, etc.) and somewhere down that road is bliss that has nothing to do with my ego-response to whether I like the rain or not….

    And in the meantime, I can decide to enjoy the rain because its raining and I am completely free to enjoy the rain….


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