How living with LP/LPP has changed my life for the better. Modeling again.

As a little girl growing up in Russia, the only thing I have ever wanted to be was a model. I did model professionally until I was about 24, when my husband and I decided it was time to have a baby. I needed a better lifestyle, had to gain some weight, to get healthier, to start taking care of myself and not just try to stay skinny.


in my 20th

We had a baby, then I had a very successful career in fashion and designer retail management. We have moved many times from state to state, and across the country. Ended up in Boston and fell in love with Massachusetts.

I am 5’10”, I always took care of myself, exercised, ate well, at least according to what I believed at the time to be healthy eating. But never in my life has it crossed my mind to get back into modeling. I was approached by agencies even in my thirties, but I just laughed it off, I was a successful business manager, being recruited by some of the best designer retailers in the country, I loved my job! Until I did not.

Konstantin and I decided to have another baby, at that time he already had a successful fitness and martial arts studio, and I was able to stay home with the baby. This time around, as I was older and my priorities have changed, I wanted to be home for my kids, with my kids, for my husband.

When our youngest was one year old, in Spring of 2010 I was diagnosed with Lichen planus (LP body) and Lichen planopilaris (LPP scalp). The long process of diagnosis was stressful, and downright torturous. Finally I knew what I had, and the prospect of loosing my hair was the most devastating part of it! My hair! I was not thinking of my deteriorating health, or why I was in this predicament, or how LP can spread to your body, your scalp, your mouth, your face, everywhere! All I could think of at that time was loosing my beautiful hair.

I was depressed, devastated and along. Who can understand?! My whole life I have had the most gorgeous, healthy, thick head of hair. At that time if someone would tell me that I will model again, I would think this was the cruelest meanest joke, and would never again talk to that person.

Today, 5 years later I am a model.


20 years later, in my 40th.

What happened? LP/LPP made me a better person, physically and mentally. I am healthier than ever. I am in a best shape physically than I could possible be at 41. I avoid anything that could be detrimental to my body and my spirit, that includes unhealthful food, negative media, negative people, etc. I know for a fact I will live a longer and a happier, healthier life thanks to LP/LPP.

I am happy, grateful and love my body for healing, for getting better. I love my scars and the hair that I was fortunate to keep, I only have few little scars. I am grateful that LP/LPP is in remission, because I got to be so healthy, I am no longer a good host for diseases. I have also accepted the fact that if a day comes and I do lose my hair, I am okay with it now! I will get a collection of fabulous wigs and I will rock them! 🙂

So this is the number one, testament of gratitude to a condition that made me a model. I could have gone with conventional meds, pumping my body with drugs, drugs that would inevitably cause serious side effects, I would not be addressing the root cause of the illness. But thankfully I went with natural medicine, with getting my body healthier and allowing it to heal. And now as a model at this stage of my life, I know what I am modeling! I am modeling wellness, health, gratitude and beauty within. I promote health, wellbeing, acceptance and joy.

Here is to my LP/LPP! It was never about fighting it, but accepting it, learning to live with it and to manage it. I stopped fighting it and it stopped fighting back.

Here is to your health!


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