A brilliand insight from Danielle LaPorte



Welcoming New Year and getting ready to go deeper for my Core Desired Feelings of 2015!


I started following Danielle’s work almost two years ago in Spring of 2013. I organized a book club supported by Danielle’s team and was able to see the amazing results this practice has on others.

The Desire Map has totally shifted the way I lived my life, looked into my future, planned for it. My goal setting had changed forever. I saw immediate results in the way I approached life. I started to see it with more passion, enthusiasm, as juicy, rich, exiting, sexy, abundant, full of miracles and magic.

Danielle showed me how and allowed me to open my heart, to listen to my desires, my deep hidden dreams, to feel and embrace them. She said find them, pick the ones that resonate the most at the moment, and build my life around them.

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This was my first set. It led me to some amazing insights.

My new set o Core Desired Feelings is as follows:

  • SELF SUSTAINABILITY (independent, capable, strong, passionate, doing, achieving)

More on this later, but here is the wonderful nugget, that Danielle shared with her followers today:


The difference between being “detached” and “non-attachment.” And why it matters for getting what you want.

Many spiritual teachings instruct us to be detached from the outcomes that we’re going after. There’s merit to that, but there’s a really important, sanity-saving distinction to make. It’s the difference between detachment and non-attachment. And it’s a big difference.

Detachment is hard on your heart — and it actually creates blocks to what you want. Non-attachment, on the other hand, is actually nourishing, and much easier to put into practice.

DETACHED is rigid; a bit chilly, a tad cranky; like an uptight intellectual, cut off from his/her heart. And here’s the thing, detachment is often a cover up for fear — fear of not getting what you want. Detachment is defending itself against disappointment — which is why it’s a bit bitchy.

There’s another way of wanting that’s both rational and faith-fuelled: Non-attachment.

NON-ATTACHMENT is open and spacious. It can hold your intense longing, and it can hold possibility. Non-attachment knows that some things take time, that you have to meet the universe half way, that free will is the guiding force, and that anything is possible.

As Michael Beckwith said to me, “Detached is, ‘I’m not playing anymore. I’m taking my ball and going home.’ Whereas non-attached is ‘I’m playing full-out, but I’m not attached to an outcome.’” Ya, THAT.

I’m a student of desire. I tried detached, I tried the chilly side of Buddhism, I even tried cynicism for a hot minute. But the desire fuels me. And the non-attachment is the oxygen that fans my creative flames.

I’ve looked at wanting from so many angles. I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of people about what they want and how they’re going after it. There’s so much mystery left to explore, but I know this in my bones:

You’ve got to want what you want with all your heart. Not just half of your heart, not kinda, not if there’s proof, or if it’s easy, or if the funding is there, or if the timing is perfect. Nu-huh. No halves. Connected to your heart — not detached from it.

Give it all you got, and then… let it go. Let it go up to the Milky Way to be worked on. Let it come back with an answer, a gold nugget, a breakthrough, an alternative, a home.


Just beautiful and inspiring!

To your health,






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