Eating out. Do I? Where? How?

Just in time for the Holiday and vacation season.

Every time, I am in the kitchen of a new client, while we are cooking something they have not attempted before, I get asked the same question. Am I ever allowed to eat out?

Yes! All day every day if you wish!

Unexpected? Yes, most assume, that as they start working with me, they are forever chained to their kitchen. A slave to healthy cooking. Eating out or a take out, for me is about natural, local, seasonal, nutritious, clean, quick, delicious and reasonably priced meals.

I truly do believe in my right to eat out, and I exercise it regularly. I have a right to take a break from the kitchen, to add some variety to my meals, to feel taken care of, by simply being able to have food made for me. It is a wonderful experience to have a lunch with a friend, to take a colleague out for dinner, or to simply order a take out for the whole family on a chilly night, and simply eat, together, relax and not worry about cooking or doing dishes 🙂

I also truly believe in the integrity of new health food establishments opening up everywhere. Their transparency. You know where your food comes from, how it’s prepared and what exactly is in it.

It may be that I am spoiled by where I live. I am so grateful to be in a big city. Boston offers a wide range of places one can eat healthfully and deliciously, I have only being to a few.


I will write about these places more in depth later, for now to keep it short and sweet, I will just mention couple of my favorites, b.good, sweetgreen and Life Alive. They all have multiple locations here in Boston MA area, first two are national as well, with locations in other states. And all these places would fall into the category brilliantly described by Live Alive “whole foods goodness, and fast food convenience”

b.good. My family and I love grilling. However, on a cold winter day, when the whole family has a rare opportunity to have dinner together, and we crave a burger, we will order from b.good. The most delicious grass-fed burgers, with the best options and sides. Just one of their sides will make you come back for more “CRISP VEGGIES – sautéed broccolini, kale, zucchini, carrots, grape tomatoes, shiitakes”. My kids know – they only get french fries if they get the Crisp Veggies side.

sweetgreen. Salads are a huge part of my meal plan. I eat a salad or two every day. And sometimes it is nice to have one made for me 🙂 Sweetgreen has the “make you own” option and the most delectable salad dressings to choose from. The ease and mouth-watering simplicity of their menu makes me happy. After a  long day of meetings, I am sometimes too mentally unavailable, and am not ready to go over pages of options with lists of ingredients.

Life Alive. A nice warm salad bowl? Yes please! Salads over warmed grains are amazing, the variety of options to make your meal your “own” is brilliant. Just reading the soup menu will warm your heart, on a cold winter day. My favorite is the juice and smoothie bar with their Nutri-Boosts. Life Alive is about great variety, ever-changing, beautifully fresh ingredients!

In short, if you are finding yourself tired from all the cooking and entertaining this Holiday Season, do yourself a favor, get a take out!

Find a place near you, that offers locally sourced, seasonal products, with organic, grass-fed, wild, pasture raised, etc options, and enjoy a meal. By doing so, you are supporting these amazing local businesses and those they source their products from, your local farmers, producers, farmers’ markets and finally your community.

To your health,


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