Angels among us?

An excerpt from my journal entry on July 19th 2014.

What do I want? – Peace, Joy

How do I get there? – Work, Live, Love

Love my Family, those around me, be kind, open.

Kind to everyone, close to a few.

Work – write, read, research, support, help – follow my passion.

Live – my kids, my Man, my friends – be with them. Be there for me and for them.

Feel Life.angel

What am I, what are we? – spirit, spirits, angels.

I am an Angel.


What is an Angel?


What is Angel?

Angel is goodness, purity, love, kindness, peace, giving.

Angel. Why an Angel?

Are we all Angels?

What does it mean to be an Angel?

It means compassion, love, kindness, openness.

Being an Angel does not mean to be an open heart for anyone to step on.

It must be protected.

We are all stars.


But not all of us get this, and one must be protected from those who don’t.

Angel must protect herself/himself/itself from corruption, from debris, from loud noises, loud people.

Take life as it comes.

Be compassionate, be kind, be open.

Angel in disguise?

Angel is a form understandable to others.

Angel is a familiar form.

One may not know it is an Angel, until they are ready to live like one.

I am an Angel. Am I ready?

I am an Angel – nice to meet you.

Angel still has to live, to survive, to be one of many, but Angel let’s Spirit, light of God shine though.

Angel has superpowers of forgiveness, of seeing everything as life, as God’s gift, as creation of God. Which it is!

Not good or bad – but just as creation, as experience.

No beautiful or ugly – just deception of our perception – as all is creation in different form.

Angel. Soul. Spirit.

We are made of star stuff.

Be open to everything, to everyone, but few reside within my heart.

I am open to everyone, but few get to stay.

I am open to everything, but let go of it all.

Be open / Let go.

The more open you are, the more will come in, and the more you let go, the more you can experience.

Everyone is welcome, they get to come and go as they please, but only few get to stay.

Make more choices.

I choose who gets to stay.

To be open to everyone and everything, means not taking it personally. Never!

I am just watching life unfold, happen, being created right in front of me. I am finally able to! my eyes are open & my heart is accepting now to witness God at work. God creating, unfolding, universe expressing, experiencing, knowing itself.

Who am I to judge?!

Who am I to know what’s good or bad, beautiful or ugly, right or wrong?

It is just the way it is. Why it is? Because It IS!

Your choice, you prerogative is to live with it, to flow with it, to accept it, to allow it to exist and then do what you need in this moment.

Don’t close your eyes, your heart, your mind! Don’t turn away from anything! It is all here, presented to you to be experienced.


To your health,


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