An Update. Moving and expanding.

Dear friends,

I have being completely out of commission as of late. Summer was highly eventful for our family – many business opportunities to be considered, major changes, college visits, and sadly an illness and passing of a parent.150

My summerΒ months were filled with work, daily 1-2 hours nature walks with Sunni – Nikita’s 8lb schnauzer puppy. Nikita is a senior in high school now and we are busy choosing schools, talking to Volleyball coaches, visiting, emailing… fun πŸ™‚

Our youngest, Sasha is in a first grade now, flowing through life, untouchable, unshakable, as only a child can be, just taking it all in and growing.

My modeling work keeps me busy, did jobs for Putnam Investments, BJ’s, Wayfair furniture, CYBEX – are just some of more notable companies.

Another new wonderful development is that we are finally, after being in business for 11 years, with a small private clientele focused location, are expanding our PowerHouse Kickboxing and Fitness Gym business. We are opening a new 4000 square feet location in Belmont MA, beautiful airy, open, space with windows throughout, tons of light and great energy. Serving Boston area including Waltham, Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, with a focus on being more accessible, on promoting not just fitness but also an overall wellbeing, working with kids, offering group training, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, cardio classes, weight/conditioning classes, nutrition/health consultations and much more.


I will finally have a platform to educate and support our community and most importantly kids, on healthy living. Diet, lifestyle, stress management, movement, nature, things and people we surround ourselves with, our relationships… all these and many more subjects can be addressed indirectly, in a playful, lighthearted and joyful manner. Kids can learn and, in turn, educate their parents.

I will write more about the business later. For now i just wanted to say hello, to say thank you for still being here with me, and to ask for your understanding and your patients as things will be changing and shifting. I am still here – still me, but more fierce and less apologetic then ever before πŸ™‚

To your health! Much love,






    • Thank you Patricia, yes, I am very excited to finally have a platform besides my blog to share the information. Funny too, I have to share. I can not help, but feel like a school kid, a bit uneasy, knowing you are reading my posts πŸ™‚ You must be dismayed by my grammar! πŸ™‚


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