Jeff Foster Quotes of the moment

Reading this morning, I had to write down these amazing quotes from Jeff Foster to be able to easily refer back to whenever I felt like it.


The more you can be fully yourself, the less of a self you have to hold to.

The more space you give thoughts, the less you are controlled by them, and the more deeply you realise, you are not the thinker at all.

Enlightenment is not a destination, it’s the light that illuminates the path.


Awakening is not for the self, then, it’s from the self; its longings, its regrets, its expectations, its impossible ideals and all its conceptions of happiness. And its dreams of awakening, too.


You don’t become something new, in awakening; you collapse back into what you always were. Whole. Free. Complete. And the capacity for all the joy and the pain of the world, all its agony and ecstasy, all its bliss and boredom, certainty and doubt.




To your health,


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