How I am staying healthy and well.

As most of my readers know I have been diagnosed with three autoimmune conditions (Celiac, LP, and LPP) back in 2010. I was able to keep them all under control and from progressing through diet, proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and stress management/mindful living.

I am lucky too, as for the last 6 years I was able to stay home, be a mom, a wife, go to school and get certified as a health coach, learning, writing, taking care of my mind, body, and spirit. I was setting my own schedule as a health coach working with clients, I was able to free when I needed to be, to be flexible and have lots of time for myself, for my kids, and husband. That was a wonderful time for me to implement all the changes needed to heal.

And then last year it all changed. My husband and I opened a new business last November. So for a year now, since the business was in planning stages last Summer and up until now I have been working nonstop. As a Managing Partner, I am in charge of everything operational, financial, HR, plus marketing, community outreach, social media and lots more 🙂 It is a family business, so I wear many hats. The business became a number one priority, I work 7 days a week, from 6am and into late night hours. I am all over the place, between maintaining the household, being a mom to a 7-year-old and a 17-year-old senior in high school who is getting ready to leave for college, my husband, friends, and the business. There is no routine, my plans change on an hourly basis 🙂

I no longer am able to workout regularly, to meditate and do my yoga, to take my nature walks, to eat as well as I used to, to read, write. My coaching became more of a community education program, I organize some events, participate in others, very involved in the local community, etc. You get the idea…

So the interesting thing is that while I am most definitely under a lot of stress, pressure, and deadlines, I am reacting to all that in a most wonderful way. None of it affects me negatively. I just go through the motions, passionately, eagerly and with enthusiasm. I wake up every day being okay to choose work over a nature walk or a workout.

I think in life as our circumstances change it is all about how we react to things. It is never about how good or how bad our situation is – it is about how we perceive it and react to it. It is about doing the best you can with what we’ve got to work with and moving forward. It is about connecting to life in a joyful, curious and open way, allowing things to happen, and accepting, being okay, with feeling bad, sad, lonely, tired, because it all flows, so if we allow it to flow through, the next moment it may be a whole new flood of feeling of joy, happiness, and gratitude. Just flow with it.

I posted this on my Facebook a few days ago and I know this is what helps me to move through my new found crazy busy life while staying healthy mentally and physically.

“Why do we strive to always be happy, why all the pressure?! To always be nice, be positive, be happy, be friendly …. essentially we are faking it and hating ourselves for doing it. Why not just be with whatever you are feeling? Feel like shit? – then be quiet and feel like shit, don’t project onto others, but don’t try to ignore it either, to get distracted, to get drunk, or to watch TV all night – feel what you feel. That’s life after all – experiencing it, not numbing yourself down, not trying to distract yourself from what life puts in front of us, from the experience of this moment. I love how Jeff Foster puts it:
“You don’t even need to be happy today. Take away the awful pressure to feel happy, for happiness is not a destination or the result of any kind of effort. Remember this deeper happiness, in which even your sorrow has a home, the happiness that embraces you as you are, the happiness that is love, the divine Mother.”
– Jeff Foster

To your health,

“We are using people and loving things. This is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things were made to be used; people were made to be loved” – Sadhguru

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