Going Bulletproof.

Our 108Strong nutrition plan has two principles at its base. One is the Bulletproof Diet and the other is Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate. Here is how I and later my whole family became Bulletproof. Deep Nutrition deserves its own post 🙂

In February of 2010, I was diagnosed with a bunch of autoimmune disorders LP, OLP, and LPP and it took me over a year to get my initial symptoms under control and to start the healing process. All these years I have been researching, learning, trying and experimenting on myself. I was leading an active healing lifestyle, constantly in search for potent ways to heal and to grow stronger and healthier as I age.


Freedom, vitality, longevity as we age 🙂

After the initial year, maybe a year and a half, of struggling to get my symptoms under control without using prescription drugs, I had a fairly uneventful 7 years. My skin cleared up completely, I have not had any flare-ups on my body at all. My OLP showed it’s symptoms later, but as I was already proactively healing they were mild and went away pretty quick. My scalp was the only active measure of my health 🙂 My health meter! Wrong food, uneasy emotional state – would immediately show up as inflammation and a flair-up. Anyhow, all these symptoms were pretty mild during those healing years.

In the Fall of 2017, I noticed symptoms of my autoimmune conditions coming back. So naturally, I started to look at my diet to fine-tune it a bit. I figured that it was probably the 7-8 year cycle that I got to (I read somewhere that some autoimmune conditions are cyclical with cycles of about 7 years). I had no apparent reasons for a regular flare-up. My end of summer was a bit hectic, yes, we were moving, but a happy hectic, not really bad stress. I was healthy physically and emotionally – so I could not contribute my symptoms to anything in particular.

Over the last 8 years, I never stop reading and researching – holistic wholesome living is really my first true passion after my family. Healing is my lifestyle. So that is all I do in my free time – educating myself, hence I had plenty of tools to use for my tune-up. One of those tools was fasting. There is a lot of research on fasting and its benefits for the immune system and Insulin. I have done full-on water fasting, juice fasting, and intermittent fasting, but never enjoyed it, it was hard and I dropped it as soon as I could. Back in 2011, while attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition program I have heard of Dave Asprey a sick 300-pound Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $1 Million to hack his own biology to find ways to heal himself and his wife.

Thankfully, in December 2017 looking for ways to dial up my healing and clam down my flare-up, I came across Dave’s work again. I was looking into fasting and Bulletproof Coffee came up. I read Dave’s books, I did my homework and decided to try Bulletproof Diet which involved intermittent fasting (IM Fasting). I wanted to stay flexible as to not turn myself off of fasting as it happened before, but I have never imagined that it could become a part of my lifestyle.

Bulletproof Diet was the first critical lifestyle change, the second would come 6 months later when I came across Deep Nutrition – but that is a whole another post.

One big change in going Bulletproof was coffee. I started to drink coffee again, with MCT Oil, collagen, ghee and coconut cream every morning. Coffee is a huge part of Bulletproof Diet and IM Fasting. Read about my experience with fat coffee and fasting here.

Although I grew up with them and did not seem to have an issue, I followed guidelines to a tee and so initially, as per Bulletproof Diet, I did cut out most of the nightshades (I only ate some cooked bell peppers and some tomatoes). I said a firm no to all nuts and all cheese – even goat and sheep. Also, I stopped drinking wine. However, after about 6 months of being strict, I was able to reintroduce the above-mentioned foods back into my diet without any negative side effects.

I found that cutting out even more fructose along with other sugars worked wonders. Was easy too. I have never really had a sweet tooth and was not big on fruit, so that was easy enough. I have already done sugar cleanses in the past to get rid of candida and sugar cravings. I only eat low sugar berries now  (no cherries, grapes – too high in sugar). I do sometimes make my own dark (85%) chocolate with raw honey (very little honey). Also, I do buy 85% or more dark chocolate. But none of these is a daily thing for me.

I do not do grains (for a few years now, so that is not a new thing), only white rice maybe ones a week if we are going out for sushi or Indian food. I also may have some starch couple of times a week, like sweet potatoes, carrots, plantain.

The new thing going Bulletproof was upping my fat intake – my diet became very high in fat (avocados, ghee, coconut cream, MCT oil and coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, and such). Low to moderate amount of non-starchy vegetables and moderate protein – not new, as I have eaten a vegetable-based diet for a few years now. My protein intake is about the same now as before, but different choices of protein and I added more fat.

I usually eat salads for lunch, like a Cobb salad, with egg, bacon, turkey meat, avocado, lot’s of greens, radishes, green onions, cilantro, garlic, cucumber, with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. Just an example. I also like soups, made with my bone broth with a ton of veggies.

For dinner, it may be a stew, chili (no beans) or a roasted lamb with Brussel sprouts over cauliflower “mashed potatoes” (substitute for real mashed potatoes), meatballs are really good with it also. I may have steamed broccoli, steamed asparagus, and zucchini, with some fish.

My treat is chocolate, plantain chips or home-made coconut cream mousse. For snack when traveling I have sugar-free grass-fed beef jerky or beef sticks. But because I upped my fat intake I don’t really crave anything anymore, not even at “that time of the month”.

I will have to list the challenges (yes there were some) and benefits in another post – this one is getting to log 🙂

To your health,



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