The best essential oils company :)

I took this course and I loved it! Even after years of using essential oils, I have learned so much! Especially fascinating for me was the production class. It is absolutely free, you earn free oils as you study. And their oils are organic!!!

Jade Bloom is truly an amazing company, their goal is to educate people and to make essential oils available and affordable for everyone. Here is an excerpt from their mission statement: “…..This is achieved through the education of holistic alternatives to health and wellness, as it should complement traditional medicine, and by manufacturing and distributing the highest quality and lowest cost all-natural, organic products and 100% pure essential oils.

Jade Bloom’s mission is founded on 4 key pillars: 1) commitment to quality first over cost savings, 2) education based on the best available scientific studies, 3) obsession with a customer-centric culture, and 4) low-priced products that are the direct result of efficient operations, low overhead, and synergistic energies produced by our team members who love what they get to do each day for our customers.”

My wish is that more people can start using essential oils thanks to companies like Jade Bloom.

In my family, we use their toothpaste, deodorant, oils, of course, sunscreen, skin lotions, special blends – I love these, especially the ones from the sencitive line. My oldest is leaving for college and we are placing an order to make sure she has everything she needs to take with her. And the best part – it is affordable.


To your health,


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