Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

JOOVV does! First time I have heard of red light therapy was through Dave Asprey of Bulletproof. I trust his biohacking ways to point me in the directions I then can myself research, and so I did with JOOVV. I researched, I read, I even consulted with my doctor and my chiropractor. Finally, I made a decision to invest in JOOVV DUO. I will list my whys:

  1. I do trust my resources and am open minded enough to try things that promise to improve my health.
  2. JOOVV’s generous return policy. From their website: “We proudly offer a no-hassle, 60-day trial” This made me feel safe spending a large sum of money with the security of possible easy return. I did save the box and 2 months later I finally recycled it.
  3. I was hoping it will first and foremost help my body to lower inflammation and to keep it down. I have three autoimmune conditions and they all flare-up very easily.
  4. I have dealt with persistent back pain for almost 4 years. I hurt my back playing tennis and it was never the same. Lately, I had to maintain it through weekly chiropractor visits. What if the light can help, I thought.
  5. I was also hoping that it would help balance out my periods. They are extremely heavy but regular. So my hope was that perhaps if JOOVV can regulate thyroid function, why not female hormones as well 🙂
  6. And naturally, any other benefits JOOVV claims to be gained from its usage would be just a icing on the cake.

How I used it. For over two months at least 6 days a week 10min front and 10min back. 6 inches away from the device. I align it with the top of my head and the lowest point it is hitting me is right under my butt. So all of my areas of concern are receiving a nice dose of red light.


The result so far… I am sure with continuous use I will see even more benefits but at this time here is what I have noticed:

  • The biggest shocker came at 2.5 months of using JOOVV when after standing for over an hour in 3-inch hills at a party, I realized that my back was not killing me. I did not have to go and sit, or even worse go into a corner to stretch it out. I was chatting with a friend completely pain-free. In the past prolonged walking and especially standing for more than 15min would force me to squat periodically just to relieve my lower back. Now the pain, the discomfort is gone. I wake up in the morning without the need to warm up my lower back, no more stiffness. Summer is such a busy time for me, traveling, kids, visitors… I realized that I have forgotten to go see my chiropractor! I would have never forgotten in the past, my back would surely remind me. I run, I play tennis (carefully ;), I do yoga, I spin, I even sprint and no back pain! JOOVV healed my back!
  • My skin – the appearance of my skin has improved dramatically. All over my body. It is plumper now, looks more hydrated, firmer. My husband noticed first and then my friends started asking me what skin care I use after I posted a sweaty “post hot yoga” selfy of myself, and everyone noticed that I have no visible wrinkles. I am 45, I do have wrinkles, but they do indeed look less prominent.
  • My scalp is extremely sensitive due to lichen planopilaris, a condition I have been diagnosed with back in 2010 and was able to successfully manage drug-free with diet, stress management, and exercise.
  • My skin also develops dark spots on my chest and back, it looks like big freckles and it is also due to the skin damage my lichen planus causes, well, those spots are all gone!
  • Sleep! I have never had a problem sleeping, but since I started using JOOVV, for the first time in my life I wake up on my own, between 6 and 6:30am! Sometimes even 5:30 – fully refreshed and I go through the day with tons of energy not getting tired, and not feeling like taking a nap. I have never been able to do that. No alarm! Up at dawn! Long lasting energy!
  • I also wake up less during the night, sometimes not at all.

I am not sure if I have missed anything, but that feels like a complete list. And reading this now makes me super grateful that I trusted my instincts and the information at hand and tried JOOVV.

For a full disclosure, I must say that JOOVV is not the only tool I have in my healing arsenal. I eat clean cyclical ketogenic diet, I fast, I exercise, I do cold training, I practice mindfulness and gratitude. My lifestyle is my medicine and I realize that all of the things I am doing are contributing factors to me growing healthier and stronger. But! JOOVV was the only recent change/addition I have made, the rest I have been doing for years.

I am a true believer and forever grateful to the team JOOVV for developing this incredible product which has by the way received FDA approval!

To your health,


  1. I was relieved to hear you were able to manage your Lichen planopilaris naturally. I was just diagnosed with it and am feeling pretty hopeless about the conventional suggested treatment options. I would love to know more about how you overcame your condition and any advice you would have for someone struggling with this devastating condition.


    • Hi Dani. I understand how you feel. I was in the same boat back in 2010 when diagnosed. For me, it was a combination of stress management (meditation, yoga), diet, and lifestyle. It took me 8 years to figure out the diet path I even went to school to study integrative holistic nutrition. A complete change to my diet (used to be vegetarian) turned out I was sensitive to most grains, legumes, nightshades, nuts, seeds, gluten, so two years ago I ended up going meat only just to protect my sanity (I mean how do you manage all the plant-based options?!) I did only meat for one month as an elimination diet and it stopped all my cravings, completely no flareups on my scalp for the first time continuously. But as soon as I reintroduce plants, I started noticing reactions (red, achy scalp). So now I am meat-based, with some fermented veggies, white rice once a week, or sweet potato. Dairy I am good with. Meat, fish, seafood, eggs are the base of my diet, with some plant foods added as a side dish (not every meal).
      I hope this helps. Everyone is very individual and it is hard to give advice. Good luck!


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