A day of Fasting and Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee made with quality coffee beans, with good fats like grass-fed butter or ghee and MCT Oil, increases focus, provides long-lasting energy, banishes hunger and cravings, and helps with weight loss.

coffee on the road

When I have no other option and need my bulletproof coffee I get a cold brew at Starbucks with heavy cream. Better than eating out, you never know what type of oil they cook with.

By the way, it can also be a tea! Caffeinated tea.

After I wake up, I drink just water with a bit of lemon to prolong the actual fast. If I have not had anything in my belly since last night’s dinner and just drink water in the morning, this is considered a water fast. I now only have my bulletproof coffee when I get hungry, usually in the late morning, or after my workout and then a bulletproof tea in the early afternoon if I feel hungry again, but not ready to break my fast yet.

I fast for the health benefits of staying in ketosis. For the purpose of training my body to use fat as an energy source, as long as I am not giving it any sugar or protein (both raise insulin), drinking fat in coffee only provides fat for the body to be able to continue fasting a bit easier and a bit longer. If I consume only fat (in a form of bulletproof coffee), no protein or carbs I’ll stay in the fat-burning state of ketosis. Fasting, like ketosis, works because it keeps insulin levels low enough to keep your body in that fat-burning state. Fats – ghee, butter, and coconut oil don’t cause insulin levels to rise, but carbs and protein, however, do require insulin in order to be metabolized.

Today, for instance, we had a late start (last night we went to Nikita’s, (our oldest daughter) college volleyball game), so I was in bed reading until about 8am. Then I did K’s morning routine with him, an hour of mostly breathing exercises, stretching, acupressure, and some core work. He had coffee and left for an appointment and I was not hungry so I just had water with a little squeeze of lemon. As I am writing this, it is 1pm and I am still just drinking my lemon water. I have probably had an equivalent of 6 cups by now. Working away, drinking my water, I do feel a very slight whiff of hunger at times, but that is when I reach for more water and hunger disappears. I feel very sharp, full of energy, not at all foggy, or tired or weak. But by now I have been fasting daily and training my body to burn fat for energy for 9 months.

Some days, I just stay with water like that until my first meal, and other days I have one or two bulletproof coffees by 2pm and/or a tea. It all depends on how I feel. Am I getting really hungry? Am I feeling low on energy? So when I have my first meal will depend on many factors. I may break my fast around 2pm to eat lunch with K (he is an amazing cook, so it is hard to resist), or wait until my youngest gets home from school and eat around 3:30pm. Or a couple of times a week, busy, working, running errands, I may not eat until 4-5pm (and on these days I would usually have at least one bulletproof coffee, but not always, I have water fasted from 6-7pm in the evening till 5pm with no problem))

Ones I start eating, I eat! I now do not overeat, I get full pretty fast and then just eat again if get hungry. At the beginning though, with my body adjusting to fasting I would eat till I could hardly breathe 🙂 No harm – as far as calories go, eating one or two meals a day no matter how much you eat at that time, will still be less than what you would consume eating and not fasting. And with time your body adjusts, and you no longer feel the need to overeat. BUT! When I eat – I only eat great, clean, healthful meals! I always start my meal with fat, it will satisfy hunger the fastest and prevent overeating.

By the way, if I leave my house for the day, I make myself the bulletproof coffee and place it in an insulated mug so I can have it when the hunger strikes 🙂

As I am finishing up this writing, it is 2pm already and I am getting a bit low on energy, I just feel kinda little off, hungry, so ones I finish this, I will go and make myself my bulletproof coffee. That will satiate me and give me energy and focus to last until 3:30pm when I will eat with my daughter. ❤ ❤ ❤

To your health,



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