Enter Deep Nutrition. Bulletproof meets Tradition.


This image by Brooke Lark is a perfect representation of 108Strong diet. Minus grapes and figs, that are a treat for a special occasion – too hight on sugar 🙂 Traditional foods, and our bulletproof coffee is there too! I’d add more veggies though! 


Two very important developments have occurred in 2018. One, in December of 2017 (almost in 2018), just before New Year, I started the Bulletproof Diet. All of the diets, cleanses, fasts which I have imposed on myself over the last 8 years – me trying to heal my autoimmune conditions have come full circle. Bulletproof was a perfect polished up, upgraded summary of everything I have ever tried in a simple doable package. This was truly an upgraded version of my lifestyle. I loved it, I saw results! I did feel a bit limited though, as I had to exclude a few of the things I loved which I personally did not think were harmful to me, but I was giving this bulletproof thing my 100%. It was going great  – I was feeling amazing, I had no flare-ups of my autoimmune conditions, I was losing weight, I was looking and feeling better. It was working!

In the summer of 2018, the second huge development occurred when I took a course in which I met Dr. Cate. I loved her! She is a brilliant scientist and a great teacher. I immediately got her book, and reading Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate blew my mind. Probably one of the best most comprehensive books about nutrition I have ever read, and I have read a lot in the last 8 years. One thing that was new to me and she talked about it the most, was vegetable oils. I have never realized just how toxic and harmful they are. As a result, we cut out all vegetable polyunsaturated fats from our diet – no more Canola, Cottonseed, Corn oils, and no more Soy, Sunflower and Safflower oils – 3Cs and 3Ss. These oils are cheap, extremely harmful and are found everywhere! Even Whole Foods uses them. You can learn more about them as well as cholesterol (we are on a high- fat diet, keto) at Dr. Cate’s website.

Her pillars of a healthy living in my eyes were an absolute perfect match with bulletproof lifestyle. Biohacking meets tradition. The latest in health and fitness science meets ancestral diet and cooking. A perfect balance of two proven systems.

My family is back to basics, ancestral food, clean cyclical ketogenic diet, we use traditional oils and fats, the ones our grandmothers used – butter and ghee (grass-fed), olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and others.

Being on Bulletproof Diet has made such an impact on our health, on our gut health especially, that after doing my research on Deep Nutrition I decided to make some adjustments to our Bulletproof lifestyle – adjustments in accordance with our genetic makeup.

We brought fermented foods back into our diet – they are definitely our ancestral foods – growing up in Russia we ate them in abundance.

We brought some dairy back as well – fermented, full fat, raw and grass-fed – yogurt, cultured butter, ghee, heavy cream for our Bulletproof coffee, cheese, some cottage cheese for kids and some milk.

We also started to incorporate collagen-rich bone broth into our everyday diet, it was no longer a seasonal thing, we now make a point of having some form of it daily. We also now make it with joints and knuckle bones, not bone marrow (for the only purpose of more collagen).

Two diets, two lifestyle choices, two healing systems, one old school another traditional – both combined into what we call 108Strong nutrition. An ideal combination!

To read about the benefits of this combo please go to this link.

To your health,


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