Going Bulletproof – challenges and benefits.

After two months on a Bulletproof Diet which is a clean cyclical ketogenic diet + IM (intermittent fasting), I started to notice changes. But first, it did take over 4 weeks to give my body a chance to detox, for my liver to adjust to the high fat intake and only then to see results.

Although I did feel great physically, one initial side effect was redness on the outside corners of my eyes, a sign of liver weakness, I was not surprised – after all, I did increase my fat intake dramatically which increased the workload for my liver. I felt good overall, but just in case I did decrease the amount of fat I was eating. The redness started to go away and as it was fading day by day, I was increasing my fat intake a little every day. So my advice would be for someone starting on keto diet – add fats in slowly, increasing it day by day, do not just go all in like I did.



A typical ketogenic meal. I add a side of green salad.


The mistake I made, was making myself a bulletproof coffee with two tablespoons of ghee and a teaspoon of MCT Oil in each, and having that 4-5 times before I ate my first meal in the afternoon. Now that is a lot of fat! You see, I had such negative experience with fasting and hunger in the past, that somehow I thought I should sip on bulletproof coffee all morning to avoid hunger. I was afraid of getting hungry. Thankfully as this is what I do – I research, I continue learning, soon enough I realized that the best way for bulletproof coffee to work is to only have it when I actually start to feel hungry. Ones I switched to having coffee when hungry, naturally my fat intake went way down and the redness by my eyes have disappeared.

That was the only adjustment phase I had to go through.  I did lose 5lb in the first month.

Now 9 months into the Bulletproof diet I do feel amazing, energy through the roof, no sugar crashes throughout the day, I sleep great, no more waking up, no autoimmune condition flare-ups since I started Bulletproof. I wake up every morning without an alarm at around 6-6:30am rested and full of energy. I have lost 15lb so far, I am slender, so that was not the main goal, but a pleasant side effect. Over the years I have taken many supplements, used homeopathy, oils, tried almost every diet out there, and I guess after 8 years of cleaning up my diet, none of these new adjustments seemed hard, very easy actually. I never liked eating breakfast, so skipping it was a happy adjustment.

The summary of the benefits I have noticed: (and for the record, I am 45 years old now)

  • my autoimmune conditions (LP, LPP and OLP) are all happily dormant.
  • weight loss.
  • more energy.
  • better, deeper sleep.
  • waking up refreshed and energized.
  • no cravings.
  • no hunger in the morning and early afternoon.
  • better choices in what I eat (due to the lack of cravings and hunger).
  • eat less during meals (first, there is less time in which I can consume food, and I fill up faster due to fat, cannot eat as much as I used to).
  • no heavy feeling after a meal.
  • no gas.
  • no more puffy eyes (I started to wake up with puffy eyes a couple of years ago and it stopped going away, but after going bulletproof – no more puffy eyes unless I eat sushi night before).
  • saving money on food –  we do not eat that much food anymore (my husband is doing my diet now as well, after noticing how great it was for me). In our case food was the biggest expense, since we buy mostly organic and grass-fed and such. Now with fewer meals and smaller portions we actually had to make a major adjustment to our buying habits, as the food was going to waste. By the way – smaller portions are not encouraged nor required – there is no limit to how much you eat, and no more cravings, satisfaction comes much faster, and we naturally eat less.
  • my skin – my husband noticed that it is more supple, less papery. The red and dry spots on my face went away as I was trying to figure out how to fix.

That is all I can think of at the moment.

To your health,


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