In the news – One of the world’s largest banks has issued a dire warning about the future of food safety. ‘Devastating’ antibiotic resistance – Business Insider


Factory Farming



Pasture Raised

It is pretty clear for so many reasons why you should not buy factory farmed meats. Vote with your dollar, ask your restaurant what type of meat they use.

When farmers feed antibiotics to their animals, they create antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can lead to antibiotic-resistant ” superbugs ” in humans. Over time, this could make it difficult to treat even common infections like strep throat.

The report finds that many dairy and meat producers in Asia and the Americas have an economic incentive to continue their high usage of antibiotics. In many cases, antibiotics allow them to produce meat faster and ward off diseases — particularly in crowded or unsanitary living conditions.

Scientific experts now predict that antibiotic resistance could lead to 10 million deaths annually by 2050, exceeding cancer as one of the most common forms of death worldwide.

We avoid factory farmed meats. We may not eat as much meat as we used to, but it all comes from antibiotic-free animals.

via HSBC says meat production creates ‘devastating’ antibiotic resistance – Business Insider

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