In the news – Study: Not Exercising Is the Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Health | Time

A quick share for those who did not catch this article. Pretty cool – I like to know that I can not really overdo it as far as exercising goes πŸ˜‰

So the whole point is that the more active you are – the healthier you are!

THIS – “Although it is widely understood that an active lifestyle can lead to a healthy life, the study concludes that a sedentary lifestyle is the equivalent of having a major disease and the simplest cure is exercise.”

β€œCardiorespiratory fitness is inversely associated with long-term mortality with no observed upper limit of benefit,” the study says. β€œExtremely high aerobic fitness was associated with the greatest survival and was associated with benefit in older patients and those with hypertension.”


The study also took a look at the risk of being overactive and found that β€œultra” exercisers do not face higher risk of death: the research consistently found that the more a person exercises the lower their mortality rates

via Study: Not Exercising Is the Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Health | Time

I am going to hit the gym hard tomorrow πŸ™‚ !!!

To your health,




    • Blanca, this is awesome!
      For me, if I get out of my routine, the key to starting over and going to the gym is all about listening to my body. Some days if I just do not feel like working out, I still get ready and go to the gym, but I ask myself, what is it that I feel like doing today. Taking a class for some motivation? Or maybe a slow pace yoga class feels better, sometimes just going in and working out with light weights for 20 minutes will do it, or just going for a walk outside – as long as I get my body moving I feel like a winner πŸ™‚
      Stay the course and enjoy the benefits! ❀ ❀ ❀
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog!


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