In the news – Nutrition has a greater impact on bone strength than exercise


Nutrition vs. Exercise.

This is a big part of most health/wellbeing related discussions in our household. I mean, the whole family, all four of us, each in our own way, are absolutely committed to learning and practicing a healthful, preventative lifestyle.

Our 10-year-old comes home from school and tells me how this one girl in her class is so very short and frail and not very healthy, and yet she eats too much candy every day for snack and lunch. “Could that be related?” she asks me – “Absolutely” I say – healthy nutrient dense foods are absolutely essential for a growing body, I tell her, as my heart is overwhelmed with love, joy, and gratitude. She is so young, and yet she understands. I am so blessed!

Nikita, our oldest, a junior in college, will call me and brag about fasting for 48 hours straight and feeling awesome and having way more energy. And how she breaks her fast with a great salad drowning in olive oil. She does not want my advice or opinion, she got this! She just wants my approval, and I feel so blessed and grateful again!

There is no point of speaking of K’s (my husband Konstantin) or my passion for health, fitness, longevity, and nutrition. It is our life. He always tells me that all the amazing benefits and improvements we see are due to his breathing/strength exercises sessions while I always comment that it all starts with nutrition. So this article is a little checkmark in my column πŸ™‚

University of Michigan researchers looked at mineral supplementation and exercise in mice, and found surprising resultsβ€”nutrition has a greater impact on bone mass and strength than exercise. Further, even after the exercise training stopped, the mice retained bone strength gains as long as they ate a mineral-supplemented diet.

The second important finding is that the diet alone has beneficial effects on bone, even without exercising. This surprised Kohn, who expected exercise with a normal diet to fuel greater gains in bone strength, but that wasn’t the case.

I quote from the article: “Combining the two amplifies the effect” – this is about our marriage and dedication to healing and wellness πŸ™‚

via Nutrition has a greater impact on bone strength than exercise


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