In the news – The Cure to Aging Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight – Forbes


In case you did not see this article, pretty interesting. Not that it comes as any surprise to us, K (my husband) and I absolutely believe that longevity and health are  totally interconnected and do not come from a pill or a surgery.

A quick summary of this artickle in quotes:

Lifestyle and nutrition! – “fountain of youth” may not lie in divine water or a miracle pill, but rather, in something as simple as the foods we eat and the way we live.”

Eat less and slow down your metabolism. Although in research fasting has not been shown to slow down metabolism, when you fast – you do not eat, therefore your body accumulates less metabolic damage. The more we eat, the more we metabolize, “cells become cancerous, or enter “senescence” and slowly wither away. This latter process is responsible for most of the symptoms of aging, like wrinkles, dementia or heart disease.”

“In recent studies, monkeys given 25% less to eat live decades longer, up to 130 in human years, while regular exercise has been shown to extend human lifespan by an average 4.5 years. It seems that tricking your metabolism to slow down is currently your best option to safeguard your DNA and extend your life.”

Nothing new! The artickle brings up some the proncipleos of 108Strong – eat healthy, fast, exercise regularly, breath with intention, practice cold training, take care of your body and mind. 

via The Cure to Aging Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight


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