Ready for 2019! New developments in Health/Wellness area of my life.

There are a couple of new developments in the health and wellness area of my life just in time for the New Year!

One I will cover in this post. The second is diet related, I will talk about in another post – too much to write/read 🙂

So the first great change is that we have joined a new fitness club, it is hard to call it a gym, definitely feels more like a club due to the number of services they offer, it is nothing like your regular gym. Life Time Fitness.



Over the years we have been members of so many different clubs, everything from simple barebone weightlifting gym, to some exclusive clubs with pools, spa, cafe, kid club, medical and physical therapy and more. Now that our youngest S.T. is 10 and an athlete, we needed a place where she could workout to improve her conditioning, agility, speed, and recovery to complement her volleyball skills.

We are in Boston area, our old gym was Boston Sports Club – we left because they only allow kids of 14 and older on the gym floor, but at Life Time – 11 is when kids have a full access to the facilities, classes, and services. We loved the place on the first visit – the service, the employees, the friendly welcoming environment (even members seem friendlier and more open), facilities are great, clean and organized, instructors are incredible (and I am a fitness class junkie, so I’d know).

S.T. and I joined in the first week of December. Konstantin, my husband was so impressed with Life Time Fitness when he came to get us the membership and for his guest visit, that he himself joined a week later.

Anyway, we absolutely are so happy we have joined, it has already proven to be a great investment in our family’s health and wellness routine. Our 10-year-old absolutely loves going there, they have great classes for kids too. She loves the pool – swam for over an hour the other day, just doing laps and having fun.

There are so many classes offered that I have gone to the gym every single day since we have joined (minus weekends – family time, when I would only go to the gym with them). I have worked out on my own lifting, I have taken cycling classes (loved them so much took three in one week). Still, have to try yoga, maybe some other classes. They have 3-4 classes running at the same time (yoga, cardio, cycling, strength/conditioning, also classes in the pool), these are just free group classes, not counting paid private group classes. So for instance at 9:30 am there may be 4 to 6 classes running simultaneously that you can choose from. I have also used the sauna every single day, it smells great, nice heat, spacious and clean.

Have already seen progress as far as my body composition analysis – body fat is down, muscle weight is up, extracellular water is down – so I have done pretty well in one week that I took the measurements using InBody body composition technology available at the club.

On her free days, when there is no volleyball practice, S.T. always wants to go to the gym now, and I love it! What a great environment for a child to be a part of. Yes, Konstantin, her older sister who also plays volleyball (for college now), and I, we all set a great example of exercising, moving our bodies, taking care of them and staying fit and healthy. But at the Life Time Fitness club, she also sees other kids, driven to succeed beyond doing a club sport, but trying to develop as an overall athlete, to be strong and fit and prevent “overuse” injuries. She can see adults, older men, and women in great shape, healthy and powerful. Even I get inspired seen older people performing better than me 🙂

In closing – we all feel like this has been the very best health and wellness investment we have ever made as a family – it is a daily experience for all of us with long-lasting benefits and results. Or and did I mention that the membership also includes summertime outdoors pool complex for kids and adults. While at Boston Sports Club we’d have to pay around $900 for the summer swim membership (less than three months!) and I think it may be even more for the family.

To your health,


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