My body composition. Tracking the changes. Before and after. Week 1.

I have had so many questions about changes I have made recently to my diet (going to a very low-carb – under 20 grams, keto) and exercise routine, joining a new gym and changing up my workout routine. Plus focusing more on detoxing, by going to a sauna 4-5 times a week for at least 30min.

As most of my followers and readers know, I am totally geeking out on everything nutrition, movement, and mindfulness related for the purpose of maintaining crazy good vitality as I age; disease prevention of course, and especially longevity or should I say longevity of my functions. I want to grow up to be a dynamic, sharp and a powerhouse of an old lady, walking the runway for Ralph Lauren, doing yoga on the beach and taking kickboxing lessons from my husband (11 years my senior).

I digress, here is the report from week one. I must note that I am currently 45 years old and have had a hard time getting my abs back after the C-section with my second child who is 10 now.  I also am managing 3 autoimmune conditions drug free.

These are before pictures, from October, I do not have any more recent ones. My goal is to trim up, and to get better muscle tone. I would like to build more muscle and lower my body fat, to trim my middle. This is me flexing my abs believe it or not…

And below are the readings from the body composition machine at my new gym.

Day one muscle mass is 69%, body fat 26% and ECW (Extracellular Water) 0.380 (healthy range is 0.360-0.390.

“Ratio of Extracellular Water (ECW) to Total Body Water (TBW):
-Indicator whether body water is balanced
Optimal Ratio: 0.380
Normal Range: 0.360 – 0.390
Ratio Closer to 0.360: More Intracellular Water, Lean Body Mass, and retention of water/nutrients in cell
Ratio Closer to 0.390: More Extracellular Water, Body Fat Mass, and inflammation/water retention, and dehydration” – from My Body Stats

The ECW reading is important to me as I pay very close attention to my inflammation levels due to my easily agitated autoimmune conditions.

My goal, as far as the numbers, is to go up in muscle mass, lower my body fat to 20% and to see how my new diet and exercise routine affects my ECW.

As you can see in the second photo after one week I was able to raise my muscle mass by 4% (I round up) from 69% to 73%.

I lowered my body fat by 3% from 26% to 23%.

My ECW went down a little as well.

Week one I was excited to try classes at the new gym, so I ended up doing three Spin classes (Cycle they call it), one high intencity weight lifting class and and Aerial yoga class at another facility. Not much as far as weight lifting.

So, all in all, I am super happy, my goal was to get my body fat to 20%, now I want to adjust that to 18%. First I want to see how the second week goes. I will post body pictures every month, as I think weekly changes are not noticeable enough in the picture. I also would like to note that I am not paying attention to the weight, as technically it can stay about the same as I build muscle. Muscle weighs 4 time more than fat, so if you gain a pound of muscle and lose 4 pounds of fat you will theoretically stay the same weight 🙂

Stay tuned for more.

To your health,



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