My body composition numbers week 2.

These last two weeks were very hectic, good but all over the place. On December 7th I started this challenge for myself, of watching my body fat percentage instead of the scale while adjusting my diet to include more fat and protein to insure some muscle growth. Just FYI, the older we get the more important muscle building becomes and in fact it is more important than cardio.

As I start the challenge, and join a new gym, working on making adjustments to my diet, Nikita (our 20-year-old) moves back home from college (for 2 months! until she leaves for New Zealand for her spring semester). The house is a mess, her stuff is everywhere, takes time to clear it all out, but I am sticking to my plan of moving my body, exercising one way or another every day. As a result week one was great, I was excited about trying some new machines at the gym, new classes, experimenting with zero-carb days and as a result all the markers for week one were great. Muscle weight up, body fat down – just what I was looking for.

The second week (last week) I got my period, and I am generally very gentle with my body, trying to listen to it and even choosing workouts in the morning, after I wake up so I can see how I feel. Did I sleep well? Do I feel rested? Do I feel recovered? Do I have any muscle aches from working out the day before? Do I feel like yoga or a crazy HIIT class? If I have my period, on the heavier days, I generally try to go for a nice long walk.

Hence, my second week was a bit of a lighter load. I did less high intensity workouts and more weights. I also kept cutting the carbs, but it was harder, I still have some cravings on Keto. With higher fat and protein and lower carbs – I did lose my life long obsession with potato chips. Now however I am craving Parmesan crackers like it’s nobody’s business. So the craving is still for savory and crunchy, better than potato chips, but still a craving I’d like to get rid of.

Back to the numbers.

Muscle mass is down from week one but is still up compared to the first day. While body fat is slightly up compared to my week one results, but down compared to day one. I can not help but wonder looking at the numbers how a different exercise routine affected the results. Did the diet play much of a role?

I will try to go heavy on high intensity work again next week, week 3, and then perhaps for week 4 switch to heavy lifting and see what happens. This is the plan for now 🙂 Today is December 22, we are in THE holiday season! So the whole family is home, plans change hourly 🙂 parties, food, alcohol, lack of sleep and the gym is running with limited holiday hours. I do not like working out at home, it is mostly due to the fact that I get distracted too easily. We have a small townhouse and unless my husband and I workout together it is hard to get motivated as I choose to clean, or cook or do laundry instead 🙂 At home I do house work, my research, and writing, these always take priority to working out, that is why I have to leave the house to stay focused, motivated and work hard.

I will try my best to stick to my routine for the next 10 days. Drinking only a little and only our dry keto friendly wine, no more than 2 glasses, keto food, low carbs, and having a sleep schedule from 9:30/10pm to about 5:30/6am. At this time my body needs 8 hours of sleep, I am working on hacking that. The goal is to get as healthy as possible to be able to get fully recovered and rested on fewer hours. I’d like to get to 7.

Okay, done for today. Will report back next weekend at the end of week 3.

To your health,


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