Week 3. Body composition numbers.

Here are the results on Week 3, third week of me trying to assert how my diet and workouts are affecting my body. This week fell on Christmas and so naturally we enjoyed foods that are not a part of our regular diet. Sugars, grains, fruit – I really enjoyed that week 🙂 No regrets. Next week is New Year and so another couple of days of celebrating and feasting.

Here is what is happening so far. The columns to note are the very first one and the very last one.

  • Interestingly my weight went up 1lb from 169 to 170.
  • at the same time my muscle mass went up 3 lbs from 69 to 72!
  • and my body went percentage is down from 26% to 25% but it is slightly up from the week one (23%) and week two (24%)
  • the great news is that ECW is down, which hopefully mean that inflammation is going down as well.

It looks like all in all things are moving in the right direction. I am not worried about the weight, just want to make sure my muscle mass is growing, and I believe the fat loss will follow. I am very happy that my diet which is high in fat as it is, and as of recent I have also added more protein and lowered vegetables – does not seem to raise the inflammation levels.

Looking forward to the next week’s celebrations and the results of my feasting 🙂

To your health,


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