why I still blog?

A reflection at the end of 2018: Why I am here writing, posting, and is that something that still serves me. Do I continue this into 2019?

I started my very first blog on WordPress in January 2010. In short, I was rediscovering myself. After a few tough years when my marriage was starting to fall apart, financially we were broke, my career made me miserable, I was dealing with a bunch of health issues, and I was deeply unhappy and depressed. I was broken enough for the Light to come in. I was lost, there was a crack in my identity, emptiness, and thankfully that allowed for the Light to come through and fill that emptiness.

I tried to search for answers to my misery, ironically it started off as a search for financial freedom. The idea that more money will fix everything was ever so present. A friend recommended a film “What the bleep do we know” that led me to the “Law of Attraction” and somehow, book after book, author after author this search eventually led me to a TV special Oprah did with Eckhart Tolle on his book “New Earth”. It blew my mind. It was not the money! I finally could see that money has nothing to do with me being happy or unhappy. My husband and I both became obsessed with this, new to us, concept of being present, grateful and mindful.

Blogging was a way for me to keep a written diary, a record of my learning, a place to curate all of my favorite quotes, paragraphs and my own thoughts and reflections. It was a private blog, a few friends wanted to read it, so it became public.

Later when I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions, in an attempt to avoid being medicated for the rest of my life, I tried to manage my disorders drug-free with nutrition and stress-management. I dedicated myself to studying, learning, researching and understanding the way a healthy lifestyle influences our health, both mentally and physically. My blog started to reflect that. It became not only about sharing my spiritual journey, but now, also my journey of healing.

In these 9 years I studied nutrition and got certified as an Integrative Nutrition Coach, I studied yoga and became a yoga instructor. I have worked with clients in private practice, doing group presentations, as well as providing support free of charge on various autoimmune disorder support groups.

Today, I am simply following my passion and continuing to study, research and share through my writing. Working in the field of nutritional therapy, prevention, longevity and mindful living. Focusing on my own well-being, my family – my husband and our two girls.

The day my 10 year old came home from school and told me that kids at her school no longer take the pink milk during lunch – that is when I knew I am on the right path and doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. She told me, how the box with that pink (strawberry) milk was always empty by the end of lunchtime, and now it is full. She has being telling all of her friends how unhealthy that fake pink milk is and over the course of a year, leading by example and spreading the word she has actually made a difference.

I am sharing my experience and what I personally know to be healthier living choices. Even if it only helps one person – I have served my purpose 🙂

To your health,


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