My vices and cravings. What do I miss from my old “unhealthy” life?

I used to smoke (I am Russian after all 🙂 and I loved it, it was not an addictive habit for me, I could smoke half a pack a night, back when my husband and I would go out, clubbing, dancing and living it up 🙂 and then I would not have/need another cigarette for months… It was the actual process that I really enjoyed, totally a social thing. Well, that is no longer something I do. On a rare occasion, couple of time a year I still may have a cigarette when out with friends, and I enjoy every second of it. But it is not a part of my life any longer.

Red Bull with vodka, Mojitos and Moscow Mule were my drinks of choice. I love dancing, and we would go clubbing, drinking, well into the morning hours – completely neglecting our sleep and wellbeing. No longer do I drink hard liquor and sweet drinks, and I have developed a taste and appreciation for wine, good dry, sugar free wine. The one you will never get a headache from.

Potato chips – I absolutely love potato chips and would break a sweat just walking toward a potato chips isle at the grocery store. Ever since we came to the USA this was the number one treat for me, always. Over the last couple of years I have switched to healthier fats – potato chips cooked in coconut oil, or almond oil, or the very best in lard. But transitioning to a very low carb ketogenic diet and doing regular zero-carb days, has changed everything. One day, just last week, standing at the Whole Foods with my husband, staring at the potato chips I simply noticed that I did not want any. I mean I can always put away a whole bag of potato chips all by my self – but for the first time in my life I was not craving them.

Truffle french fries, or any other french fries! First time I have tried french fries was in Moscow at McDonald’s almost 30 years ago, and it was love at first sight.

Gummy bears, Twizzlers used to be my favorite candy, chewy and so yummy.

I looked forward to my morning coffee with a bagel, or a croissant, or an apple fritter. Blueberry or banana-nut muffins were my regular snack at work.

Fruit! Cherries used to be my drug of choice 🙂 I ate them by pounds. Funny thing I would get so bloated and gassy after eating them – but never even thought about this being a sign of incompatibility.

I loved Thai food, and teriyaki chicken with lots of sauce and rice. Fried calamari is an absolute best appetizer. Thin crust pizza, pasta and cheese bread, nachos, burritos, dumplings – were some of my favorite dishes 🙂

Interestingly, I am noticing, as I am writing this, I am actually doing my very first dry fast. I am at 15 hour mark, feeling great, and realizing that even while writing this post, thinking of all these foods that in the past I could not have lived without – at this time in my life even during a fast, I have absolutely no cravings or desire to have any of it.

It is truly a blessing to be in this place of health and healing. Not to be a slave to food, to eating – but use them as healing tools, as healthful nurturing fuel and not an addiction.

To your health,


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