In the news – an issue of early puberty in girls.

“Earlier puberty in girls increases their risk of mental-health problems and risk-taking behavior as teenagers and increases their risk of breast and ovarian cancer over the long-term, so this is an important issue to address.”

New York Post

A new study says some common soaps, shampoos and other personal care products may be putting adolescent girls at a higher risk of certain cancers and other developmental issues.

New York Post

I have always being against my girls painting their nails, playing with make-up and using perfumes. One of the reasons is that I believe kids should stay kids for as long as possible, they are already growing up too fast. Yet more importantly through my study and research I also knew that chemicals present in commercial products do interfere with body’s natural hormone regulation. That is why I intentionally have being avoiding anything that can potentially introduce endocrine disruptors into kids young developing system.

We have stopped using commercial toothpaste, skincare, body lotions, shampoos and conditioners back in 2010, when I was diagnosed with my autoimmune conditions. We only use natural products with essential oils and clean organic ingredients, many of them are from Jade Bloom company. Personal and female hygiene products, household products I use at home, for cleaning and such are all natural and toxin free. If you would like to see what products we use please visit Our Favorites page where I try to list my favorite tried and true products.

As my youngest is growing, she is 10 now, I am pleased to see that her baby teeth started falling out later and at a slower pace than of her friends’ – I knew that this is a sign of a slower paced development… and we are in no rush. I think of this to be a sign of her healthy hormonal development. And my only goal as far as my kids are concerned is to give them the best, the healthiest start in life – healthy body means healthy brain, healthy mind, so I know they will do well in school, as well as socially, as long as I ensure their proper development. I am very particular about what my kids eat, how they sleep and how they stay fit.

I hope research like this will make more people aware and help them make healthier choices for themselves and for their kids.

To your health,


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