My go to preventative remedy during cold & flu season.

My girls and I have just come back from Winterfest, a huge volleyball tournament. On my daughter’s team three girls got sick or were on the verge of getting sick. They were so tough though, and I have so much respect for their sportsmanship – these 10-12 year-olds, kept playing, and played well. Our U12 team ended up placing first, winning gold in the top bracket!

Lucky I had my “go to remedy” on hand to prevent my 10 year old from catching something and getting sick. I shared these tablets and lozenges freely with any parent who was interested. I believe in these 100%.

We use Sambucol in these three different forms.

Sambucol the original formula that I prefer to use, has being around for many years. I started using it at the advice of my naturopath about 8 years ago and to this day Sambucol remains the most important preventative remedy in my medicine cabinet. Following a healthy diet and lifestyle of course. If you eat a diet full of sugar, too many carbs, starches, processed foods, and do not take care of yourself (sufficient sleep, exercise) – no remedy will help you.

With two kids it was essential to me to have something handy and something I can count on especially during the flu season. The best thing Sambucol did was to create a variety of products which in my experience make it so much easier to use on the go.

The Black Elderberry Original Formula is the syrup I keep it at home, my oldest has it at her dorm in college. I give a dose to my youngest in the morning before school, as a preventative step during flu season. Also in case someone already does not feel great, I have them take it at the very first sign of a cold or flu and repeat the dosage until they are symptom free.

The Sambucol Pastilles – are throat lozenges, another go to in our family if anyone gets even a slight sign of a scratchy throat.

And finally my next favorite from Sambucol is their Cold & Flue Relief Tablets. These little white tablets go with me everywhere. My kids carry them in their backpacks. My 10-year-old has very strict instructions to take one as soon as someone in her classroom sneezes, or coughs.

I have to reiterate, no remedy will work unless you are supporting your immune system with healthy nutrition, a good sleep schedule and movement/exercise.

To your health,


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