In the news: Coffee & Longevity. Magnesium & Depression. Obesity in Millennials & Cancer.

Coffee linked to youthful skin and longevity.

A controlled randomized study conducted on 100 healthy Europeans just vindicated you and your coffee obsession. As far as DNA integrity is concerned coffee is actually more beneficial than water.

The coffee group exhibited much less DNA strand breakage than the control group by the end of the 4-week span.

We do love our coffee. We buy Bulletproof Coffee ground and whole beans. I stock up during sales and buy large bags. Konstantin and I have a cup or two every day 🙂

This essential nutrient may help fight depression.

The mineral magnesium is critical to body functions such as heart rhythm, blood pressure, and bone strength.
It plays a role in combating inflammation in the body and has been proven to have an association with depression.

The researchers found that in 112 participants with analyzable data, consumption of magnesium chloride for six weeks led to great improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms.
In addition, these positive effects were shown quickly, at two weeks, and the supplements were well tolerated.
This means that magnesium is safe and effective and comparable to prescription SSRI treatments in effectiveness.

Knowridge Science Report

We use magnesium lotion, I have tried many brands and many forms – oils, sprays, lotions. This one has the best most natural ingredients and great magnesium concentration, it absorbs quickly and everyone in my family loves it. Mo’ Natural is a great brand, I love their product.

Some Cancers Are Rising in Millennials. Obesity Might Be Why.

Obesity rates have been rising across age groups for years. According to the latest federal numbers, almost 36% of American adults ages 20-39 are obese, and that number may soon be even higher. Recent research suggests that if obesity trends continue, 57% of children in the U.S. will be obese by the time they turn 35.

Rates of six different cancers that are associated with obesity increased among adults ages 25-49 between 1995 and 201. These cancers include multiple myeloma, colorectal, endometrial, gallbladder, kidney and pancreatic.

Research has linked excess body weight to about 40% of cancer cases in the U.S., and it’s a risk factor for common types like breast, ovarian and liver cancer, as well as those highlighted in the new study.

Excess weight may promote cancer in several ways. It can increase inflammation, which is a risk factor for a number of chronic conditions and has been found to fuel cancer cell growth. Obesity may also alter levels of sex and growth hormones, as well as insulin, which can spark growth factors that allow cancer cells to proliferate. And some fattening foods, such as processed meats and snacks, have been independently linked to cancer risk.

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