Coach K.

Konstantin Selivan – aka Coach K.
Martial arts professional, kickboxing/boxing coach, personal trainer, sports performance specialist.


KonstantinThrough the centuries, on every continent, there were warriors who put their bodies and spirit through vigorous training to become masters of the combat arts – to become masters of martial arts. One of the major parts of martial arts training is the spiritual aspect which is often overlooked by the modern martial artist. In ancient China, the martial arts were taught in Buddhist and Taoist temples. Even in Japan Shorinji Kempo is still taught in Buddhist temples as the physical side of Konga Zen Buddhism.

Each fighting style was created by the code of honor and has its own rules of engagement. Those rules and the code were cherished through centuries, passing the secrets from a master to a student. All major fighting styles such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Western Boxing are very well recognized in the present world.

Konstantin has made martial arts his life.

Konstantin’s focus as a trainer is and has always been, personalized training, injury prevention, and individualized approach.

Konstantin graduated from St. Petersburg’s Institute of Physical Culture, named after P.S. Lesgaft, with a major in sports/exercise science and a minor in the art of boxing.

With over 40 years of martial arts and personal training experience, Konstantin has developed a fusion style – a combination of several stand-up fighting styles. In his teens, Konstantin picked up Wing Chun (Kung Fu) and Karate, in his native country Russia, at the time when all forms of martial arts were prohibited by the government.

Konstantin’s passion for training and martial arts led him to Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai. Martial arts became legal in Russia, Konstantin founded and operated one of the first and largest martial arts clubs with over 1000 students. At the time, he also traveled extensively throughout Russia and Europe as a competitive kickboxer.

In 1991, Konstantin received an offer to coach Kickboxing in New York. In the years that followed, Konstantin traveled the country as a personal trainer and kickboxing coach, mostly working with professional and amateur athletes focusing on performance cross training. Some of the areas he coached in are hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, rowing, and pro-fighters.

Finally, in 2004 Konstantin moved his family to Boston.

In his free time, Konstantin enjoys cooking, writing and spending time with Elena his wife of almost 30 years, and their two daughters.

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