A Christmas wish

Isn’t it a tradition to make a wish, or two, or many…on Christmas night and/or New Year’s Eve.  Well it is interesting I thought, that today I read a post on Facebook about wishes people make, and I realized I have not made any. Is it good? Bad? Well I think that the fact that I did not wish for anything,… Continue Reading

My Now moment

Every moment – I could not have wished for more……well, maybe a vacation or a new car. But it would not really make me any happier. Nice to know and realize that! I am happy and grateful; cleaning, cooking for, and taking care of my family never has brought me so much joy – am… Continue Reading

A quick update

I feel terrible for neglecting my blog, but as it is a reflection of my life I guess I should relax and just go with it.  As much as I love writing and sharing here, sometimes life just takes over. My spiritual practice always is the most important aspect of my life to attend to.… Continue Reading

Effects of breastfeeding past one year

My daughter gave up her pacifier before she was 1, on her own. At one time, desperate to get her to sleep through the night without nursing I tried to give her the pacifier, but she absolutely refused. Also around 1 she gave up a bottle and only used sippy cups. She never developed any attachments to any objects. I read somewhere that if you wean a… Continue Reading

Extended breastfeeding

Last week when my baby was 1 year 8 months and 17 days, I stopped breastfeeding her. This time around I nursed well over a year,  my first daughter I nursed for 10 months and she stopped on her own. Back then I was working full time (I went back to work when she was 2… Continue Reading

Spiritual Journey – a luxury I can afford.

In my last post I talked about balancing a spiritual practice, a family, a job and everything else that is thrown at us daily. Few days ago I met with a wonderful friend of mine who I have known for about 13 years. She was telling me that her Spiritual Practice had a great momentum and is… Continue Reading

Allowing for the future to happen

In my last post I mentioned that I feel somewhat stuck without knowing where today takes me. As I go about my daily activities I like to know that I am working toward something. I am speaking of my own personal agenda here. I need to know what it is that I want, where I want to end-up.… Continue Reading

My living in the Now and planning for the Future

For few weeks now I have being doing these releasing exerciser and somewhat neglected my meditation. Big mistake. I thought I was doing pretty good, releasing on my old feelings, blocks, resistance, desires. Two days ago I had an appointment with my Holistic Nutritionist and she said that I carry a lot of tension, asked… Continue Reading

Money, consumerism and living in the Now

I found this article to be fantastic, so different from what I mostly hear about money nowadays. The most prevalent message lately is how to get more for less. Buy more – spend less, but how about buying less? Why do we always want more, bigger, better? Is there a limit? At some point my… Continue Reading

I will be back.

I don’t get a chance to write as much right now. My oldest daughter is home on vacation and a little one has a cold 🙁  It is her very first cold, and she is 15 month old, so not too bad. At least she is old enough and cold is easier to deal with at this age,… Continue Reading