Inspired by a salad

I am sitting here waiting for my 4 year old to finish her gymnastics class and eating by beautiful, colorful salad (arugula, red bell pepper, olives, avocado, and perfectly ripe mango with turkey breast on top). I had a very busy day, it is 4pm now and this is my lunch. I was famished, but did not have… Continue Reading

Health news of note – lung cancer/smoking, CV reduction via naturopathic medicine, childhood infections and Schizophrenia, disabling fatigue in teens, marijuana and IQ drop…

These great new studies and research results are definitely worthy information to make a note of. More women die of lung cancer than of breast cancer. But there is no “race for the cure” for lung cancer, no brown ribbon, and no group analogous to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This just blew… Continue Reading

Debunking the paleo diet?!

Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU. Christina Warinner is a researcher at the University of Zurich, where she studies how humans have co-evolved with environments, diets and disease. This is a very interesting video, not even as much from a perspective of debunking the paleo diet, but from the points she does make about our ancestors. What… Continue Reading

I wish I knew about nursing a toddler…

So I nursed my now 4 year old until she was 2 and it was great! She is growing up a very healthy happy child and I am very happy she was breastfed for that long. I also wish I knew that it will be much harder to wean a toddler and had prepared myself for it. It seemed… Continue Reading

WATER! you are what you drink.

Came across this great image on Facebook and felt compelled to share. WATER’S EFFECT ON THE BODY! Moistens tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose. Protects body organs and tissues, Helps prevent constipation, helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body, regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, lessens… Continue Reading

Wonderful effects of breastfeeding past one year

I have couple of friends with new babies and since I nursed my now 4.5 year old until she was 2, I get many questions about nursing. Well, luckily I write and so I had my old notes and articles from 3 years ago, which I decided to post here, and hopefully their may be useful is some way to other new moms as well… Continue Reading

The 11 Scariest Things in Your Food – 11 more reasons to stop feeding your family processed foods!

I no longer feed my kids anything that is not fresh or freshly made. We do not buy anything that is prepackaged with the exception of Non-GMO natural popcorn by Angie’s (our favorite snack!) or an occasional bag of low-salt potato chips. If girls want cookies, we go to the Gluteus Minimus a gluten-free bakery few minutes away from our house and… Continue Reading