People pleasing – I am so over it!

There is much talk about stress as a cause of disease and inflammation, and in my experience, among other factors, much of that stress is caused by people in our lives. There is my family, my close friends – my “tribe”, and there are other friends, those I just run into, know in passing, neighbors, acquaintances, who… Continue Reading

Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

When a client with a toothache called, asking me what she can do, I advised oil pulling. After a couple of days she called to express her gratitude, as after only first time she felt better, and on day three the pain, swelling, and inflammation were gone. She did oil pulling twice a day. Typically I… Continue Reading

Golden Milk Recipe

There are many recipes on the internet for a golden milk drink. Some require making a paste first, that takes a bit of time, others are quicker. I need to find one for myself that does not just taste good and provides all the benefits of turmeric, but also is a quick one. So after trying… Continue Reading

Take 5 by Dr. Hyman

One of my favorite demonstrations of a simple but very effective breathing technique from my favorite doctor Dr. Mark Hyman. Try it, breathe, and breathe intentionally few times a day 🙂   To your health, Elena

Health and spirituality

I will be posting more about the spiritual journey on my health and wellness coaching website blog. I do not believe a person can be truly healthy and fulfilled without spirituality being a major part of ones life, so I will not only write about holistic/alternative health and nutrition but also about spirituality. Please follow… Continue Reading

Products I can not live without – Quinoa

So this is one of them. Organic Nature’s Earthly Choice Premium whole grain Quinoa. Gluten Free! Wheat Free! I buy this 4lbs. bag at COSTCO for under $10.00 and this is an amazing deal. There are tons of recipes online and of course on the Nature’s Earthly Choice website,  but this one blog in particular An Unrefined Vegan,… Continue Reading