I am in love with my Yogi Tooth Serum!

I have started using Yogi Tooth Serum because I truly believe in the power of essential oils. I also read all the amazing reviews on Living Libations website and I ended up ordering it. What is wrong with a regular toothpaste you ask? Floride – we all know; and Sodium lauryl sulfate  (SLS)  is a surfactant,… Continue Reading

Juicing vs. Blending – via Food Matters.

In case you were wondering… This great little article covers the basics of Juicing and Blending. I do both. Blending is much easier and faster, so it is a part of our daily routine. I like to use frozen kale or spinach, and as far as nutrients go, frozen veggies are similar to and sometimes… Continue Reading

Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

When a client with a toothache called, asking me what she can do, I advised oil pulling. After couple of days she called to express her gratitude, as after only first time she felt better, and on day three the pain, swelling and inflammation were gone. She did oil puling twice a day. Typically I would advise… Continue Reading

Low vitamin D levels may increase risk of type 1 diabetes – Harvard School of Public Health

Another great research from Harvard School of Public Health. Could such a simple preventative solution as taking vitamin D supplement, be able to prevent development of a serious autoimmune disease, in this case type 1 diabetes? Being a health coach I first and foremost my clients’ partner in prevention. I also have an autoimmune disorder and am very serious about right kind of supplements. I need… Continue Reading