Eating out. Do I? Where? How?

Just in time for the Holiday and vacation season. Every time, I am in the kitchen of a new client, while we are cooking something they have not attempted before, I get asked the same question. Am I ever allowed to eat out? Yes! All day every day if you wish! Unexpected? Yes, most assume, that… Continue Reading

Thyme Oil Beats Ibuprofen for Pain Management.

Great information about amazing properties of Thyme. However one has to be very careful with Thyme oil. Most recommendations you will find on internet advise against taking it internally. doTerra website recommends that for internal use it should be diluted and added to capsule. Can also be added to foods as a seasoning (Note: Use… Continue Reading

Gluten and Asthma – there is a connection.

Very important information to consider and to share with anyone who is suffering from asthma. Great article by Dr. Osborne from Gluten Free Society. Gluten Intolerance and Asthma – Is There A Connection? The incidence of people suffering with asthma in the U.S. continues to grow.  Interestingly enough, so does the incidence of people being… Continue Reading

Fasting may have amazing benefits.

Fascinating information. I have being playing with fasting, after reading this, for about a week now. Will report my findings later, when have time to write. 🙂 It’s Summer, time to be with my girls, my husband and my friends. Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds A person’s entire immune… Continue Reading

Gut health and autoimmune disease. Elimination Diet.

I came across this great and long 🙂 article about gut health in relation to autoimmune disease. Below are few excerpts. From February 2013 Issue of Today’s Dietitian Gut Health and Autoimmune Disease — Research Suggests Digestive Abnormalities May Be the Underlying Cause. By Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD “The prevalence of autoimmune disorders is rapidly rising… Continue Reading

Gluten Free Diet – Oats or no Oats?

Great information about oats and gluten, from one of the best gluten sources –  Gluten Free Society We do not use oats in our Gluten-Free diet. My husband and my youngest daughter can tolerate gluten, so on occasion they may have some oatmeal for breakfast. If someone has gluten sensitivity, I advise (my clients) to avoid… Continue Reading

Health News of note: Herbs/Spices, Exercise and memory, Freeze-Drying, Aronia Berry

Some interesting and helpful health related research and news articles that coughs my attention. Bioavailability of herbs and spices in humans as determined by ex vivo inflammatory suppression and DNA strand breaks. According to this research paprika, rosemary, ginger, heat-treated turmeric, sage, and cumin protected against DNA strand breaks. Paprika also appeared to protect cells from normal apoptotic processes (the… Continue Reading


A great article I wanted to share here from Food Matters, some good sound advise that I have been living with for the last 4 years. HOW TO OVERCOME CANDIDA NATURALLY By Bee Wilder, Nourished Magazine What is Candida? Candida is the short name used to describe yeast overgrowth in the body. The technical term… Continue Reading

So-Called Healthy Oils You Should Avoid

A friend shared this great article on vegetable oils and I wanted to “file” it on my blog. I love coconut oil, we use it for cooking, as a skin moisturizer, for oil pulling, brushing teeth, etc. We also use a lot of olive oil in salads, and we eat a lot of salads, as well as avocado… Continue Reading

Health and wellbeing of the younger generation.

Is the younger generation healthy? Mentally? Physically? What do most parents in our society do for their kids? Most parents work. We make money to support our kids financially, to give them more opportunities and hope that they will be better off than we are. I had a successful career that I loved and where… Continue Reading

Just a few shocking statistics on health of our youth.

One in three Americans born in 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime if current trends continue. The odds are greater for minority children – nearly one in two will develop diabetes in the same timeframe.  Diabetes is increasing among U.S. children at an alarming rate, say researchers who report jumps of more than 20… Continue Reading

Updated summary on my LP/LPP

One of the comments I received recently, on my few months old LP/LPP post, clearly showed areas where I need to update my readers, those who are interested in information on Lichen Planus (LP) and Lichen Planopilaris (LPP) (a form of scarring alopecia). There has been so many comments and conversations about my experience with LP/LPP, that… Continue Reading

The role of microbes and autoimmunity in the pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric illness.

Just a quick post to archive the article for a later reference. Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2013 Jul;25(4):488-795. doi: 10.1097/BOR.0b013e32836208de. The role of microbes and autoimmunity in the pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric illness. Hornig M. Source Department of Epidemiology, Center for Infection and Immunity, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, New York 10032, USA.… Continue Reading

The Perfect Human Diet – the movie

Someone has mentioned this movie and I just watched it – very interesting! I believe that no matter what beliefs we have as far as our individual diet – we have to stay open-minded and educate ourselves. I remember growing up in Russia how we always ate organ meats, bone marrow, but here in the… Continue Reading