You do not have to travel to us, we bring mitts and pads and come to you.

For your convenience, we train at various gyms, Cambridge/Belmont border, Wellesley, Newton, Canton, Allston, and many many others. Most clients, however, prefer for us to come to their home gym, or an apartment complex gym, even corporate gym.

Coach K is a big proponent of cold adaptation, and martial arts training on fresh air, in the elements, so he loves to train outdoors. We have clients who train outdoors the whole year and in case of rain or too much snow, we go indoors.

There are many options available depending on your location. Let us know where you are and we will find a location closest and the most convenient for you.


I usually don’t write reviews but I had to for this. As an executive with a high-stress job I was struggling to keep weight off and with anxiety. It’s not like I did not have access to a gym. Like many others I had a membership nearby, but somehow I never seemed to get there. I had walked by Powerhouse kickboxing a number of times and had even looked them up online. I have to say the descriptions of Konstantin were a bit intimidating. One day when my anxiety was high, I just walked in. Konstantin was very warm, took the time to just listen to me. He ended up giving me a free introductory lesson and teaching me a mindful meditation. He is a master technician and his martial arts are unparalleled, but he combines that with life coaching and motivation. He knows how to work with all levels from beginner to expert. Fast forward a year and I am in great shape and much more able to handle day to day stress. Knowing he is waiting for me or texting me to make sure I get there is much of the battle. So whether you train with him or one of his hand-selected coaches, this is the best way to get and stay healthy. Go in, just do it, and make a promise with yourself to stay for a few months no matter what. You will find yourself a year later in better physical and emotional shape. For those of you that are stay at home parents, kids can be more stressful than at work employment. Try it…..You can learn to fight in this place if you desire, but you can also find peace of mind, fitness, confidence, self-defense, and fun. There is no place like it. Do yourself a favor like I did. Give it a go you won’t be sorry. Get healthy….you only get one body and mind. Kevin
Fitzgerald K. Brookline, MA