You do not have to travel to us, we bring mitts and pads and come to you.

For your convenience, we train at various gyms, Cambridge/Belmont border, Wellesley, Newton, Canton, Allston, and many many others. Most clients, however, prefer for us to come to their home gym, or an apartment complex gym, even corporate gym.

Coach K is a big proponent of cold adaptation, and martial arts training on fresh air, in the elements, so he loves to train outdoors. We have clients who train outdoors the whole year and in case of rain or too much snow, we go indoors.

There are many options available depending on your location. Let us know where you are and we will find a location closest and the most convenient for you.


I trained for an hour with owner Constantin. I have been training in boxing for the past three years so I’m rusty in kickboxing. His style of fighting, which is his invention merging boxing, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do, is extremely effective. We did “touch” sparring so that I could see what his style was like but then he helped me on techniques for boxing an opponent who is just throwing a non-stop barrage of jabs and crosses. I thought his style is extremely effective and I want to learn and practice more the boxing applications.
Mia W. Auburndale, MA