Detoxing the household

  • These disinfectant wipes are located in every room of our house. They are a natural non-toxic nice smelling and effective replacement of Clorox wipes we used to buy. We have used them for years now and I buy them in a pack of 6. I use them to clean bathrooms, kitchen, walls, baseboards, wipe inside of our cars, and so much more. I even bring them when we travel to wipe off the hotel room surfaces. Funny fact, I took a barre class just a couple of weeks ago and it smelled like chemicals in the studio. At the end of my class, I understood why – the instructor pulled out a Clorox wipes tab and preseeded pulling out wipes and placing them in front of each student on the mat, as we were laying on the floor stretching. I could barely stand the chemical stench of bleach and fragrance blend. I vowed to myself that next time I go back to that studio I will bring a tab of Seventh Generation wipes and introduce them to the owner.



  • After many failed attempts to find a non-toxic, natural yet effective laundry detergent, I finally found Mayer’s Clean Day We are a family of athletes and kids, and I have tons of sweaty dirty laundry to do every other day. This amazing detergent, which comes in many wonderful flavors, does the job! No matter if I am washing towels, floor rugs or stinky volleyball knee pads – all comes out clean, spotless and smelling like lavender 🙂









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