Nutrition and holistic living have always been an interest of mine. When in 2010 I was diagnosed with a few autoimmune conditions Celiac, LP (lichen planus), LPP (lichen planopilaris of the scalp), and later OLP (oral lichen planus), I knew that being dependent on prescription drugs for the rest of my life was a no way to live. I turned to holistic nutrition and mindful living for the cure.
At that time I was already on the right track to opening my mind and living mindfully. Now a time came to not only heal my mind but heal my body as well. In 2012 after studying on my own for two years, I enrolled into Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I needed to grow, to learn and to expand my knowledge and understanding of holistic healing lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness.
As my “Healing the Body” journey continued, I felt a necessity to reflect on that journey in writing, creating a blog where I can act in a way as a curator of health and nutrition-related information. For a while, I had two blogs, one related to spirituality and the other one nutrition. This blog, the “Change from Within / Healing the Mind” is about spirituality, sharing, and reflecting. Currently, I am in a process of combining the two sites, and transferring all the content to this one.
Please take advantage of the “Search” option. A search window, where you can type a word for what you are looking for, like “LPP” and get specific posts on the subject.
To your health,

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