In the news – organic is the way to go.

In case anyone is still wondering ūüôā – two separate studies confirming that buying organic is a better choice. Below are some bullet points. If you want to read studies and articles themselves, please follow the links. Can Eating Organic Food Lower Your Cancer Risk? In a study, those who ate more organic produce, dairy,… Continue Reading

Swiss chard for breakfast?!

This morning I woke up with a light headache, it is gloomy outside and chilly in the house, and I did not feel like having my green juice first thing in the morning. I was looking at all the kale and swiss chard my husband bought for juicing, trying to figure out what to do… Continue Reading

Health News of Note: Salt Relation to Autoimmunity; Diet Helps Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk; Probiotics; Breakfast and CHD.

  Excess salt content in diet a potential¬†environmental risk factor for autoimmune diseases. Could latest research¬†indicate that increased salt intake is the long-soughtafter environmental factor associated with the epidemic of autoimmune disease? Apparently the data present makes for an attractive hypothesis,¬†the direct causality of salt intake and incidence of autoimmune disease¬†is yet to be demonstrated.… Continue Reading

Like Bacon, Sausage and Hot Dogs? Then Beware: They May Raise Your Risk of Death, New Study Finds. Yahoo! News

An interesting¬†study¬†overview, I thought is a good article to keep for reference for those of my¬†clients who enjoy bacon or sausage with their breakfast ūüôā¬†¬†The problem is not as much in meat as it is in processed¬†meat products. The aim of the study, “Meat Consumption and Mortality: Results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer… Continue Reading

Finally a cereal we can eat in the morning and my kids LOVE it!

I have¬†mentioned¬†before that we are trying to eat as much raw¬†produce¬†as possible. With kids it is not easy. Konstantin is actually¬†famous¬†for his elaborate salads. He makes this huge salad with one of our favorite¬†greens¬†arugula, spinach or baby kale and tops it with tomatoes, bell peppers,¬†onions,¬†cucumbers, and other yummy veggies and herbs like fresh garlic, scallions,… Continue Reading