My vices rock! In the news – drink coffee and wine for longevity.

The way I see it - with all that we have given up - we should be drinking every night just to make ourselves feel better :) :) :) Croissants, muffins, apple fritters and bagels, twizzlers and gummy bears, pizza, pasta, hot-pockets, salami and hot dogs are no longer a part of my daily diet. Even bread! Sandwich or a toast - was an absolute necessity of our daily diet.

How to cancer proof your body

I was reading the 10 Ways to Cancer Proof Your Body Right Now article by Danica Collins and although very long, it had some great  information pulled together as far as cancer prevention, so I had to share it here with some additional notes. By keeping your body strong and healthy, strengthening your immune system, eating clean nutritious food, getting enough sleep and learning how to… Continue Reading

Green Tea, Coffee May Guard Against Stroke

Green tea and coffee consumption may help protect against stroke and lower risk for cardiovascular disease. I love my daily coffee, its actually an espresso drink. It usually is a shot of espresso and some steamed almond milk. Some days I skip it, just don’t feel like one. Most days that is what I have and I only… Continue Reading


GO NATURAL, NO PAIN MEDS – last visual in the series of three,  by Dave Sommers ( – I love his graphics! So this one is a last part three of three 😦 (part one and part two) 8 more Painkillers found in Your Kitchen (part 3 of 3) Tame chronic pain with turmeric. Studies show turmeric,… Continue Reading