Money, consumerism and living in the Now

I found this article to be fantastic, so different from what I mostly hear about money nowadays. The most prevalent message lately is how to get more for less. Buy more – spend less, but how about buying less? Why do we always want more, bigger, better? Is there a limit? At some point my… Continue Reading

Loosing attachments, wholeheartedness

Again from The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell, comes another great passage explaining the words Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God: “Or the kingdom of God is like this: there was a merchant looking for fine pearl, who found one pearl of great price, and he went and sold everything he had and bought it.”… Continue Reading

Presence, thought

To be free of thousands of years of conditioning does not require time or future. At this moment you can step out of the movement of thought. And allow quite simply an alert presence to be there. You’re not here any longer as the carrier of your personal history, but you’re here as an alive… Continue Reading

A great article by Davidya on intentions, identification, ego….

This is an absolutely brilliant post by a wonderful writer. I highly recommend subscribing to the blog and following it closely, it has an abundance of precious information. Untethering Perception Davidya | March 2, 2010 at 1:03 pm | Categories: Conciousness, Ego, Intention, Mind, Perspective, Principles, Waking | URL: In a discussion over on Shared Vision, some… Continue Reading

Bad anger vs. good anger

This is another subject that is important to me. After reading, hearing Tolle I decided that any type of emotion, especially negative, are of my ego and therefore is bad and to be avoided at all cost. Well, I found that for me this was almost impossible. Although I am much more aware of my feeling, emotions and thoughts, but… Continue Reading

Ego. a necessary evil – for now?

Ego, mind, ego, mind, egoic mind….. what has created my last post? until I become fully enlightened, aware, should I think that some forms of ego are Okay for the time-being … ? I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on that.

Eckhart Tolle on Now, Ego and Counsciousness

The shift in consciousness happens the moment you say ‘yes’ to what is, because the entire structure of the egoic mind-made self lives on resistance and opposition and on making the now into an enemy. The beautiful thing is that we can step out of thousands of years of collective conditioning, without needing more time… Continue Reading