Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

JOOVV does! First time I have heard of red light therapy was through Dave Asprey of Bulletproof. I trust his biohacking ways to point me in the directions I then can myself research, and so I did with JOOVV. I researched, I read, I even consulted with my doctor and my chiropractor. Finally, I made… Continue Reading

Bone Broth Recipe.

I grew up on bone broth! But from 1991 to 2010 I have not had any. The reason?! We moved to the USA and started eating a low-fat diet. Bone broth came back into my life 8 years ago, in 2010 when as a nursing mother I was diagnosed with lichen planus (LP), lichen planopilaris (LPP)… Continue Reading

Going Bulletproof.

I was writing this post on a Facebook page dedicated to Healing LP, LPP and OLP Naturally.  That page is an amazing resource for anyone living with these conditions. It provides great information and amazing supportive community. Check it out! Anyway, my little update on where I am with my LP, OLP, and LPP turned into… Continue Reading

Fasting may have amazing benefits.

Fascinating information. I have being playing with fasting, after reading this, for about a week now. Will report my findings later, when have time to write. 🙂 It’s Summer, time to be with my girls, my husband and my friends. Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds A person’s entire immune… Continue Reading