Updated summary on my LP/LPP

One of the comments I received recently, on my few months old LP/LPP post, clearly showed areas where I need to update my readers, those who are interested in information on Lichen Planus (LP) and Lichen Planopilaris (LPP) (a form of scarring alopecia). There has been so many comments and conversations about my experience with LP/LPP, that… Continue Reading

Gluten Goodbye: One-Third Of Americans Say They’re Trying To Shun It : NPR

Balzer says. “Right now 29 percent of the adult population says, ‘I’d like to cut back or avoid gluten completely.’ That is amazing! one-third of population is gluten-free. Have you tried it yet?! One word of caution – gluten-free does not automatically make the product healthy! Most of processed and packaged gluten-free foods are still loaded with sugar! Look at the ingredients list, if buying baked… Continue Reading

1-Week Gluten-Free Meal Plan Based on The Blood Sugar Solution book by Mark Hyman

I wanted to share this 1-Week Gluten-Free meal plan, based on “The Blood Sugar Solution” book by Dr. Mark Hyman. This 32-page planner, maps out a full week of delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for you-so kicking off your healthy new life couldn’t be easier! From Turkey Breakfast Sausage and Basic Tomato Salsa to Pan-Seared Halibut and Asian Chicken Salad, you’ll begin… Continue Reading

The 11 Scariest Things in Your Food – 11 more reasons to stop feeding your family processed foods!

I no longer feed my kids anything that is not fresh or freshly made. We do not buy anything that is prepackaged with the exception of Non-GMO natural popcorn by Angie’s (our favorite snack!) or an occasional bag of low-salt potato chips. If girls want cookies, we go to the Gluteus Minimus a gluten-free bakery few minutes away from our house and… Continue Reading